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    Default CSS - Map of Building Layout

    Is there a map or diagram of the building layout somewhere? I have looked all over the websites searching for this.



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    Here's one I got from Amy. You may have to zoom it a little.
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    I have one that I'd be happy to email to you (
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    Can anyone point out G block on the above

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    Default Panoramic View on above tab

    Hi -

    Try clicking on the Couples Sans Souci tab above, then click on "Maps and Panoramic Views" on the left, almost to the end. It loads a map with cameras you can click on for detailed views. Be patient, it takes a while to load for me.

    I right-clicked on the map, then printed it (landscape worked best). It doesn't show the exact room blocks, though.

    Good luck,


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    If you look to the right side of the map above, and see the words "To Port Antonio", look up and you should see the words "Car Park". The building just to the left of the "upper" car park is "G Block". Unfortunately, you can't get a feel for the different levels in height from a 2 dimensional map. The views from all rooms in G Block are simply stunning, the best views we've ever seen from a room anywhere on our travels.

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    Default Map of CSS

    Quote Originally Posted by Amy View Post
    I have one that I'd be happy to email to you (
    I would love to have a copy of any maps you have of CSS.
    We are booked for Sept2010.

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