First let me say that we are on a huge budget and this is a stretch for our wallet but it's our honeymoon and we want to really really do this!
The Tower Isle is the best deal really for us...and I love that horseback riding is included (I've never done it and always wanted to).
I'm just not sure if this is the right resort considering it's our honeymoon. The pics of the other resorts look more "tropical" (Negril). And the restaurants seem better at the others...are they??

Can someone tell me if I should splurge and do the other resort or is the Tower Isle just as good as the others?
We are going the last week of May ;o)

OH one of the last most important things: We really want to visit Rick's bar and a friend told me that it is included in the stay at Swept Away. If we stay at Tower Isle, will it be included as well?

Sorry, I've never ever even been out of my state hardly, much less a resort and there are so many choices, I'm just confused!
Thanks for any help!