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    Default Beach Private Dining at CTI

    Has anyone requested the Private Dining on the Beach? How do they set it up and is it only available during certain nights of the week?


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    We were there last June and had a private beach dinner. It was set up near the water's edge just west of the juice bar downstairs. The meal was phenomenal and the service even better. They set up a "walkway" lined with candles that led out to the table. Next to the table they had more candles that formed the shape of a heart in the sand. I pre-arranged the whole dinner before my wife and I had ever arrived at CTI as a suprise for her. I arranged everything with Ava and her staff. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!! I had some special requests that I wanted done during dinner. The whole staff went way above and beyond to help me. Ava is now at guest receptions at the airport when you arrive, but you can bet CTI has someone just as wonderful on site that will gladly assist you. If you would like to see some pictures or if you have any other questions, send me an email at and I will send some back to you.
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