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    Default Getting to Dunn's River

    We're heading to CSS in only 25 DAYS!!! I've heard that there's a shuttle that goes to Dunn's River. Anyone know what days/times it goes? That's the ONLY thing we're planning. Other than that, my feet are in the sand, or my butt's at the pool bar ~ Jill

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    I don't recall what all days the excursion is but try to go when there are no ships in port, considerably fewer people there then.

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    The free Dunns River excusion leaves at 10:00 AM daily. Make sure you register in advance as soon as you arrive @ CSS I agree with Bigdoglips go on a day when there are no curise ships in port and avoid the crafts village as you depart the falls for the parking lot. The crafts village was our worst experience ever in Jamaica. The craft village gives visting Jamaica a bad name

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