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    Default CSA - Atruim suites, renewing vows, going topless and current deals

    My wife and I are planning to go to Couples Swept Away this May to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. I have a few questions and would love any feedback you can give us:

    1. We have decided to stay in an Atrium Suite - any recommendations in terms of 1st floor or 2nd floor (I like the easy access on the first floor, but the ceilings look cool on the second floor)? Also, any specific room numbers to recommend?

    2. We plan to renew our wedding vows. Any advice on this process? It looks like it will cost us $150 to have this done.

    3. My wife plans to go topless on the main beach (as its allowed per the website). Any recommendations and experiences of others going topless recently at CSA?

    4. How are most people booking their trips right now? Who has the best deals?

    Thanks a lot. Hope to see some of you in May when we renew our vows !

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    Looks like you've done most of the homework... I can't offer any real affirmation of what you already know. However...

    Not gonna give you a room number. Its futile anyway, and I'm not about to risk any chance on getting MY ideal room, as we're also going in May... good luck with that.

    If you plan on a vow renewal, I'd try to contact their wedding coordinator for more details... I've seen again and again that she does a wonderful job!

    I also go topless on the beach at SweptAway. My wife doesn't mind, and nobody has complained.... yet.

    Best deals? Watch Randymon's Wednesday Couplicious Escapes for possibilities... or you can watch the various online websites. We find that if we get a price from our local brick-and-mortar TA, we at least have a baseline for comparison-shopping... and sometimes buy from the local TA anyway. You never can tell.

    When in May?

    Good luck!

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    No one cares if your wife goes topless on the beach. There are always 3-5 topless women on the beach during any given day. Just remember the sunscreen ! Sorry, I will not share my favorite Atrium room number either, but you will love these rooms. Both floors and for the atrium rooms are private, but the second floor would be more private. The stairs to climb to the second floor rooms are not bad at all.

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    Thanks for the feedback ! I think I got it now. We plan to be there the 3rd week in May.

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