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    Default Newbie questions

    This will be our first visit and we have a few questions. Is it true that staff can be fired for accepting tips? We have been to many AI's and have always tipped at the time of service.

    Is there drink service on the beach?

    Noticed no flip flops at the casual restaurants as well as Feathers,can men wear nicer sandals such as Tevas?
    By the way we are staying at CSA.

    Thanks for the help. SL
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    I think you are going to CSA, yes?
    I'm not sure if they will get fired, but they are not supposed to accept monetary tips. Only tip the non-Couples employees. (airport bag carriers, bus driver, etc) Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Be polite, and show your appreciation. Respect Mon!
    Yes, drink service on the beach. You can get a flag to stick in the sand. The bars are very close too.
    No beach flip flops for dinner at any restaurant. Nicer sandals for women are ok. I would say NO Tevas at Feathers. Bring closed-toe shoes! It's only for a couple of hours. He can change back to sandals after dinner and before nightly entertainment. Tevas would be okay for the other restaurants.
    Have a wonderful trip, CSA is amazing!!

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    Yes staff can get fired for accepting tips. Randy has posted the rules on here many times.

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    No tips, but you are allowed to give small gifts ( we leave small gift for our housekeeper ). Yes, they can be fired. During orientation at CSA they will stress this rule. The shoe rule is enforced at CSA. The tip rule is very good because everyone is treated the same, regardless of room category .

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    Not only derigeur (sp?), but verbotten. I've heard (or read) tell of secret tippers that are actually connected to management. If an employee is caught accepting a tip... curtains. For the record, Couples pays their staff well, relative to the industry. Part of their salary is recompense for the tipping policy.

    For my part, I purchase an all-inclusive vacation for a reason. I don't WANT to be carrying cash around all the time. While I find Couples to have a high value product, I'm still of the opinion that I pay dearly for our opportunity to return to our beloved SweptAway whenever we can.

    I am aware that we can find a primo beach resort elsewhere in the Caribbean, and perhaps pay a bit less up front; but then there are all the non-inclusive items and activities that are inclusive at Couples; adding tips is another layer of cost that I simply don't want to deal with.

    Please respect the staff at your Couples resort by abiding by this policy.

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    Thanks for all the advise,would never want to get anyone in trouble.I was just curious because we have been to AIs before that said no tipping but it was expected any way.

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    Put your wallet in the safe and have fun! If you get a spa treatment, you should tip there, but otherwise, no tipping. CSA is awesome and you are going to love it there. Have fun! Welcome to the family.

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