This might be a really silly question, and probably really obvious to everyone else! But I don't really understand how it all works..

Basically, I read on the FAQ that it will take 8-12 weeks for my wedding certificate to arrive. Does that mean I can't change my name until that arrives? Or am I able to change my name with the document I get on the day of my wedding (which I belive is a wedding licence?!)

I saw a similar question posted but all the answers were for America, but im in the UK so I guess it will be different...

I did see the following answer which was useful though..

'This is the way that the process works: When you intend to marry, you obtain a marriage license from the state/county/country in which you intend to wed, regardless of where you live. After the marriage ceremony takes place, the officiant signs the license, documenting that the ceremony has in fact occurred and that you have wed. The officiant then files the signed license with the issuing authority, which in turn issues the marriage certificate. That's it.'

I guess that applies everywhere!

Can any UK brides
help me and tell me if they managed to change their name back home using just the marriage licence (or whatever its called!)

Thank you