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    Default Wedding Dress/Bouquet

    I have a question has anyone out there made their bouquets?? If so, did you carry on them on airplane? I'm having mine made and taking it with me. What about wedding dress, what did you do with it on the plane?

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    I have a small carryon suitcase and folded my dress in it. My dress had several layers and the outer layers hid the few wrinkles on the lower part of the dress. Was glad I did it that way as there were many others carrying their dresses in hanging bags. Those poor brides carried the hanger over their heads then had to stuff them in the overhead bins. I bet they had no less wrinkles than mine. You can always have it steamed for about $20. Well worth the price. I did carry on that suitcase.

    Can't help you on the flowers. The resort supplied mine.

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    Default Dress Travel

    I called the airline (US Airways) ahead of time and I checked to see if the air craft I was flying on had coat closets. Both did. (on the way down) So I hung my dress in the closet.
    On the way back neither did so I laid my dress flat in overhead.
    I had a real bouquet.. so can't help in that area.. but I saw brides carry both fake and real ones on the plane. It helps if you don't have a full flight so you can lay it in an empty seat.

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    I made my bouquet out of silk flowers from Micheals. I packed them in our carry on and they made the flight just fine - even on the way back when our bags were about to burst! My dress was very light and flowy so I carried it onto the plane and folded it over while I carried it- hung it in first class on two planes and then in an overhead bin on the way home, by itself. This is what my seamstress instructed me to do. My dress did not get wrinkly it looked great. If it is a bigger heavier dress though it might, i have no experience there. Good luck

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