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    Just wondering if any couples did the sand cermony, if so where did you get sand ceremony set?? Where did you colored sand and do you recommend doing it?? Where able to get through customs with it?

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    Along with that, when sand mixes, doesn't it just become gray? So, wouldn't you have to hold it upright in your hands on the plane ride home to keep it from mixing. Anyone have this problem? I'd be curious to know how it worked out.

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    We did the sand ceremony at our wedding and it went very well. I got my sand at Michaels...they have all kinds of colors. I also purchased the vessels at Michaels. There are also several sites online that sell the sets of sand and vessels, however, I could not see myself paying $60 for some sand and jars.

    I had no problem getting the sand through customs either time. I put everything that I needed for my wedding day in a carry on because I didn't want to take a chance of it getting lost. It did get a little mixed on the way home but for me that was just a part of the journey...since its supposed to get mixed over time anyway. Hope this helps...

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    Also, there are pictures of my sand ceremony under the wedding section. The heading is "our wedding pics @ cn 6/18/09."

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    Default hourglass

    I got my sand ceremony from have gorgeous hourglasses and it came with a kit to screen the sand from the beach you get married on.So we chose to use that instead of colored.It was packed in our problem.

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