Okay, I know this has been discussed and sorry for the repeat but this will be our second time to CSS (we are leaving Saturday!!!!) and we did tip last time and after reading the MB realize that we were wrong in doing so. We don't want to get anyone in trouble by giving monetary tips. But these people were so darn hard in the heat and they are still so happy and always have a smile on their faces for all the guests. God Bless them for making our vacations so wonderful! We would like to give them something. Now I heard chocolate, which we will bring but I also heard advil, tylenol maybe? Crayons, clothes for little ones? Is this good? And when you are in one of the restaurants how do you go about tipping them gifts? Sorry if I sound ignorant but all of the workers at CSS are so wonderful I just want to do this right. Can anyone help us (silly question I know), but your thoughts are greatly appreciated!