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    Default never been. looking for recommendation

    Looking for upscale (newer or renovated), clothing optional but not just a nudist vacation site, better food, stay up all night and dance (disco?)party atmosphere. Beaches all appear nice. Is there a Couples that is right for the wife and I. Love 'em but she needs a total break from the kids.

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    Well if you invested any time in some basic research you will know
    -couples is upscale
    3 offer AN bathing
    2 offer an beach
    1 an island with decking.
    best beach == CN
    best AN beach CSS
    best AN deck = CTI
    None will be a "party place" like hedo or desire you make your own party
    there you go pick one any one you cant loose

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    Of the Couples resorts I think CTI. It has just had a 30 million renovation and has the Island for AN. food and service is excellent. The only thing you may not find is the all night dico / party atmosphere. It really depends on the group of people there at any one time.

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    CSA has the best beach and a disco. It does not have an all nude option, but your wife can go topless on the beach. The veranda suites at CSA are newer and classic Caribbean....lots of wood and white linens. Read reviews, look at pictures, and ask questions before you decide. Good luck.

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