Hey all -
We are travelling to CSS in April and are interested in several of the activities that they offer. Was hoping some of you might be able to provide some insight into questions that I have - thought it would be better than trying to sit on hold with the 800#...More than anything else we want to go and have a great relaxing time...This is our first vacation since our honeymoon almost 3 years ago and we definitely need some sun and relaxation together - but with all that CSS has to offer, I do want to take part in a few things...Just want to know what we should concentrate spending our time doing?

1) SCUBA diving - my husband and I would like to do this, but have never dove before. What is actually included for newbies? Also, can we get certified while there and if so what does that entail, (costs/tests/how long to complete/etc.)

2) Horseback Riding - I see this is only included at CTI - how much does it cost for CSS couples and what is it like, (where is the ride, how long is it, how much does it cost)?

3) Reef Snorkeling - This is included, right? Where do they take you and how long of a trip is it? Do they offer daily trips?

4) Glass Bottom Boat Ride - Where does this go, does it leave right from the resort? What exactly is it?

5) What is a Hobie Cat?

6) How is Margaritaville and where is it in reference to the resort?

7) How is Dunns River Falls and where is it in reference to the resort? How long of a trip is it?

8) Are there any other excursions that are worth looking into while there?

9) Are there any other activities to participate in while there?

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!