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    Default CSA rate increase

    Back in December it was announced that rates would be going up at CSA. I went ahead and booked my trip based on that thinking I would save $$. Well sure enough the rates went up a little. I checked yesterday for the same dates as my trip and it was cheaper than when I booked.

    Does this just happen from time to time? Is there a special deal going on?

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    We booked in December as well because of the comments that the rates would be increasing. I did a quick check just now and the rates are quite a bit higher now for an Atrium room in mid-August, 2010. You may want to consider cancelling the previous reservation and making a new one at the lower rate (low rate guarantee is nice!).

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    With the best deal guarantee, you can still get the lower price now. Contact Couples to get your rate adjusted.

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    I booked through a travel agent that got me a rate about $350 cheaper than advertised on couples. If I find a rate that beats the one I booked I can get that deal but I doubt I find it.

    The lower rate was only listed wed night. Now it is back up again.

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    Did the airfare go down or did the room go down?

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    Great question from Iowa! I think to compare apples to apples, you need to look at Couples cost separate from airfare costs (much more volatility in airfare).

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    Well my trip is in 2011 so I can't even see airfare yet. Just have room booked.

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    "Well my trip is in 2011 so I can't even see airfare yet. Just have room booked."

    Same with us---April 2011.

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    Before you cancel your reservation be sure they have the room style you booked still available. Also, a travel agent can also rebook for you at the lower rate, the low price guarantee is available to them also, not just if you booked on the Couples website.

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    Well the lower rate was only there for a few hours so I missed my chance. The travel agent had gone home for the day. But I'm gonna check everyday now.

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