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    Hello. I have booked Misha Earle for my March wedding. I saw on other threads that people who went with other photographers got their photos back before they left for home. Misha said she would not be able to do this as she would not have time given the other weddings she has to do that week. My question is for those who have used Misha...can you tell me about how long it took for you to get your photos after your wedding? I am fearing it may take a long time with them being mailed from Jamaica. We were planning a get-together (mini reception) at home to show everyone our video and photos a week after we get back. Now that Misha has told me we won't have the photos to take home, I am now trying to plan a time for this get-together. Any help you could provide would be awesome! Thanks!

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    I haven't used Misha, but when I asked for her prices I also asked how long it would take for the photo's to be ready (as i'm having a reception in the UK) and she said it would take 4 weeks for them to be ready, and I assumed it would then take extra time for postage. She said she would be able to have a selection of about 50 ready earlier though, so she shuld be able to do that for you..

    Hope that helps..


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