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    Default Questions for Brits - re voltage

    Hi Guys

    Just wondering what you take out in the way of hair drying/styling accessories. Have just read a post that says the voltage is lower than the US. I have a dual voltage hairdryer and a US epi-lady. Just need some dual voltage straightners and a dual voltage electric brush. Have you any recommendations.


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    Is this what you're looking for? This was in the CN bathroom last week.

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    The voltage is NOT lower than in the States. Whoever posted that is not correct. At times, there are dips in the frequency (US is at a standard 60hz, I believe the island standard is 50-50Hz). Most appliances will tolerate these dips, although you might notice a lower pitched buzz to your electric shaver.

    Not worth worrying about, and CERTAINLY not worth buying new appliances over.

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    I assume that would be okay for my dual voltage appliances but my straightners and electric hairbrush are not dual voltage so I would be worried they would blow something.

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