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    Default CTI and CSS down to room choice

    We are going to go with CTI Ocean Suite or CSS One Bedroom Beachfront......Pros Cons - any personal favorite rooms?

    Any other reason you can think of to pick one over the other??

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    Loved our Ocean Jr. Suite (3403) at CTI! Top floor Main building.
    It was spacious, comfortable, and the view outstanding!! Ir also has two separate balconies.
    We also stayed in the one-bedroom jacuzzi suite at CSS; B-26 before the updating. That room was also comfortable but the balcony was small.
    Both resorts are wonderful but if you are basing your choice at this point on room only, I would go with CTI. Just my opinion.

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    I have stayed at both resorts more than once. We did both last year in Oct and Nov, CTI beat CSS hands down because of the renovations. Had a little mould problem on the sofa at CSS and everything is freash and new at CTI.

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