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    Hi, I am just wondering if someone would be so kind to post or send me a link to some wedding photos that were taken by a resort photographer at Couples Negril. I am planning a wedding there this coming December and am torn. I really don't have the extra $ in the budget for an outside photographer but may be willing to find it. Some comments have suggested that the resort photographer's photos are somewhat "corny" and some say they are ok. I would like to see for myself.

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Resort Photographer

    We used the resort photographer on 12/4/09 at CSA and the pictures turned out awesome! See our link on snapfish!

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Are you getting excited yet? Debbie was kind enough to provide the website for the resort photographers to me via email. It's The problem is, I have never been able to view anything on the site (tried from three different computers, all with high-speed Internet) and never received any responses from them about any possible issues they may be having. It didn't do a lot to inspire confidence in me, but it could have been an isolated incident. Maybe you could try the site and see if it works for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstack25 View Post
    We used the resort photographer on 12/4/09 at CSA and the pictures turned out awesome! See our link on snapfish!
    The resort photographer did a beautiful job your pictures are very beautiful.

    I am getting married at CSS and I still on the fence about whether to hire a photographer or not. If I was getting married at CSA I would go with the resort photographer after seeing your pictures.

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    Default resort photographer

    mstac25, thank you so much for sharing your pictures. They are beautiful and you just helped me decide. Are all of those photos from the resort photographer. And 1 more question, when you were married on the beach were there other people standing around watching. I have read certain reviews where people complained there were several half naked people standing around watching there wedding. If that is the case, I may go for the gazebo!

    bride2be, I was unable to access that link also. Not sure why, I may try again later from my home computer. But thanks for trying. I really appreciate it.

    It is most likely going to be just the two of us at our wedding and I don't want a big extravent affair but I do want some pictures so thanks again for you help both of you!!

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    I was able to access the website for aquasun photography. I am on my home computer so i dont know why you all cant. Hmm well the website was neat and they have some really nice pictures posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstack25 View Post
    We used the resort photographer on 12/4/09 at CSA and the pictures turned out awesome! See our link on snapfish!
    MSTACK25 - For some reason I can't view your pics. I think it maybe a problem on the Snapfish site. We are getting married at CSA in a few months. Would you mind emailing me your pics please. My email address is

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    I was also able to access the website for aquasun. I agree their pictures are really nice that are posted. (I am also on my home computer)

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    I was just wondering if your flowers were an upgrade? They are very pretty, what color are they?? I really was wanting fuchsia color orchids, do they have that color orchid?? Please email me back at Thanks... You look so pretty! Did the resort do you hair and make up??


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    mstack25: Your photos are beautiful! And you were a gorgeous bride!

    What time was your wedding ceremony? What type of flowers were in your bouquet and was it an upgrade?

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    I love your dress and your flowers. Were the flowers an upgrade? If so, would you mind sharing the price? Also, where did you find your dress? It is gorgeous!

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    MSTACK - I was finally able to view your pictures and WOW. The resort photographer did a wonderful job. I really love that ghost picture that was really cool. I wonder if my photographer Diana Campbell can do that. I also really love your hair and flowers. Please share!! We all want to hear from you.

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    Default Wedding Tips

    I was married on the beach at 10am. Then we had our cake in the garden area and dancing in gazebo area. They took pictures at all locations.
    There were people around but the photogtapher and videographer did a good job of shooting around them. There tends to be more people on the beach in the morning than at 4-5pm but most are respectful and stay out of way of ceremony and pictures.
    The garden and gazebo area are private and I liked the mix for the pictures and getting the best of all areas.
    The way I look at you travel to one of the most beautiful beaches-- might as well capture the moment of getting married there
    My flowers were an upgrade $30-- for both the bouquet and loose flowers for my hair and cake.

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    We used the resort photographer at CSA and was very satisfied. See our pictures from this link.

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    I'm a professional wedding photographer from the US... we used Stacey for our wedding and for our beach dinner we used the resort photographer and they did a few extra's on other nights. They do a nice job. If you cannot afford an offsite photographer you'll be fine... Just remember once the dress is trashed, the flowers have wilted all you have left is your love for each other and your photographs.... Best wishes....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAB View Post
    We used the resort photographer at CSA and was very satisfied. See our pictures from this link.
    Your pictures are beautiful. The resort photographer did a really good job. I just love your flowers very tropical.

    Makes me wish my wedding day was today after seeing your pictures.

    thanks so much for sharing

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    Bride2be, I was able to access Aquasun's website, but when went to email them with a question, that link must be broken, cuz nothing happened! I am so disappointed, to be so close to contacting Aquasun yet not being able to...I wanted to purchase some photos from our last stay at CSS!! The memories were priceless~!

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    Mstack25...the resort photographer normally doesn't live up to my expectations...but in this case he/she did a lovely job. Your pictures are beautiful! Congrats on your marriage!

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