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    Default What time does the salon/spa open at CTI?

    I am getting married at 11am.

    Just wondering what time the salon opens and if they open early for weddings?

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    The earliest appt. is 9am.

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    I Emailed Debbie Hall and she booked me an appointment to have my hair and make up done at 830 for our 11am wedding at CTI. I wanted to make I was not rushed. I have long hair and am not sure how I want to have it done yet.

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    I've heard sometimes it takes them 2 hours just to do hair.

    Is this possible?

    I really don't want to be crunched for time on my wedding day----I want to be relaxed.

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    Oh no, that is not good. What about those that have gotten married at I would think even at a 8:30 Am appointment, there would not be enough time.

    Any 10 A.M. brides out there did they open the salon earlier for you??

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    Thanks Candace,

    Is that the earliest she would book you, 8:30?

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    claerin I believe we are getting married on the same day you an hour before me. I contacted Debbie and she made an appt for me at 9:00 for my hair and makeup. I have heard on the message board if you dont make an appt before arriving at the resort than sometimes they are booked up. One bride had to do her own hair cause of this. Hope this helps.

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    I am not sure if I got the earliest appointment available. I asked Debbie to book my appointment With enough time so that I wouldnt be rushed, And 830 is the time that she booked for me. I would email her to find out exactly how early they will open for you.

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