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    Default Morning or Afternoon for wedding @CSA?

    When I booked my wedding I chose the 3:00 slot so I would have time to get ready during the day, but now I've seen alot of brides that have gotten married in the morning, and have had the rest of the day to relax with their guests, and enjoy the rest of the day.

    Don't know if I should keep my slot or move it to the morning?
    Any thoughts on this topic?

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    Default I vote for morning.

    Hi Jesica, Here are my thoughts..even though I have not actually booked my wedding yet. I am thinking early morning for 2 reasons. The first being it is very warm in Jamaica and I think the earlier the better before things start really heating up. My second reason, since this is my wedding/honeymoon all in one, we only have 7 days and I really want to enjoy my vacation and my fiance to the highest level and I figured if I got married later in the day, I will spend all of that day getting ready and worrying about details. I guess the way I look at if I get married at 10 in the morning I can get it out of the way and enjoy the start of my new life earlier!

    I'm sure whatever you decide will be fabulous! Congratualtions on your upcoming wedding!

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    I would definitely move my time slot to the morning! For starters, its rains for about an hour just about everyday or every other day around 3. I'd say 2 and 3 are not good time slots are all and would avoid them. Secondly, the colors in the morning are so much brighter and vivid than in the afternoon. I'd be more than happy to email my pics to anyone who would like to compare. Email is

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    I would suggest moving your wedding to 10am. My reasons for chosing a 10am ceremony were:
    - Not as hot and humid in the morning
    - We would get the wedding out of the way and have the rest of the day to ourself
    - For the purpose of pictures, the colors are way better in the morning. Just look at the pictures of couples who were married in the afternoon against those married in the morning. It's like night and day in my opinion.

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    I was sitting on the fence as well, but I got to view Brittany's pictures and I am sold now on the 10 am. time. I am also getting married in the summer and I know all the times I have travelled that it tends to rain later in the day.
    So I vote for the early time slot as well

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    I was originally booked in for a 3pm wedding, but have moved mine to 11am, just for the reasons given. The pictures look more stunning in the morning and i want to relax with my husband in the afternoon.

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    Thanks for the imput. I think i'm definetly going to try and get my time moved. I just hope that my photographer Diana will be able to do the morning.

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    I would love to see your pics. I emailed you the other day, but not sure if you got it. Could you email me at I'm also using Diana for our wedding .

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    Default 4 pm for us

    Jessica - I also had this same question ...

    I know that most everyone says the colors are better in the morning, and there's less chance of rain then.

    But even after the suggestions to go with a 10 am wedding, we still decided for a 4 pm time. I know that it will be hotter then. I know that the ocean won't be as blue. But for some reason, that time just seemed right for us -- we want to relax in the morning, have plenty of time do hair and makeup, etc. Then have the wedding, take pictures and then enjoy cocktails and dinner.

    I'll let you know how it works out, and post pictures (we are getting married at CSA on 2/25).

    When are you getting married?

    - mikal

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    I just sent you an email!

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    We are getting married Friday June 17th hopefully at 11:00. Can't wait to see your pics when you get back!!

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    Default Go with the morning!

    I orginially picked 4pm time slot and changed it after I saw the 10 am pictures. I loved having the rest of the day to ourselves. It is still hot at 10am... but so pretty. Per our wedding coordinator the 10am slot is least likely time to rain.
    See my pictures for reference:

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    I haven't gotten married at Couples, but have been to all of the resorts and have seen plenty of weddings in all of our trips each year.

    Something also to think about, specifically for a beach wedding, the water is calmer in the morning, the beach vendors (and jet skis) are not in full swing and there are less people already sunbathing on the beach (and less activity such as beach volleyball). Just wanted to throw that out there.
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    Mikal, we will be there at the same time and we are getting married on 3/23 at 10 AM. Maybe we will see you there!

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    I'm so glad I got that 10am slot in time. The wedding slots for the day we are getting married are filling up fast. I would really suggest not waiting to pay for and select your wedding date and time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
    Mikal, we will be there at the same time and we are getting married on 3/23 at 10 AM. Maybe we will see you there!
    Tracy - Shoot - we are getting married on 2/25 ... so we'll be there about a month before you. But I'll be sure to share our pictures!

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    Default 3 p.m. wedding

    I have also booked the 3 pm wedding. I booked this thinking my soon to be husband and I would have breakfast in our room and the our couples massage. I am then planning on spending time in the salon with my mom and maid of honor getting our hair done, manicures and pedicures.

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    I think my fiance and I are going to shoot for 10am as well. Or at least that is what I am going to push for. When we were in CN in September it rained everyday right around 3PM-4PM.

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    I am looking at booking an afternoon wedding. I am quite torn though and the more I read the more people say a morning wedding is the way forward. I just feel I would like to get get hair and make up done, get in my dress have the ceremony then on for cocktails, dinner and a bit of a party. If we had the morning ceremony we'd get ready, get married, take some pictures, get changed and go lie on the beach then get dressed and then have a 'reception'. Its just not what im picturing our day to be. I Could be wrong though!!!

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    We are in the same boat. I am scheduled for 2 pm because 3 and 4 was taken but I wanted it late so we could move right on to dinner and drinks and nightlife. If we get married early, it wont be how I am picturing....

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    mstack25 may I ask who took your pictures? They are really good! I'm trying to decide if I should go with the resort photographer or try to find someone else.

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    we did 4pm and we loved it. we had breakfast in bed and hung out for a little while. I got my hair down and dressed and it was time. we took amazing sunset pics. It was everything we wanted. After photos we went to dinner. then walked the beach under the stars.

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    I think it all depends on what kind of ambience you are going for in your wedding. For our Valentine's Day wedding, it was only the two of us, so we wanted something very quiet, elegant & romantic & a late afternoon wedding fit that bill for us. We went with the 4:00 time slot which allowed us to have breakfast together, then a 12:00 couples massage and a light lunch before parting ways so that I could get my manicure & hair done. By the time our photographer was through taking pictures, the sun was starting to set, and we got some nice photos with him & with our own camera without having to pay the extra $800 for a sunset wedding. Then we had a 6:30 dinner at Feathers (though I would recommend Lemon Grass instead) and then had the rest of the evening to relax together or enjoy the resort activities.

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