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    Default What color Orchids does resort offer????

    I'm debating if I should make my bouquet, or buy an upgraded bouquet. I want the color fuschia and I want orchids, does anyone know what color orchids they have to offer?? I want alot of color, do they offer petals to put on cake table?? I also would like petals for when I walk down the isle. Please let me know.. Thanks..

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    They offer complimentary white or purple orchids...You can also look and see what option is available to may want to bring silk flowers from home...

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    I had white and purple.... they added leather leaf, it's a green leaf. I wish I had been more direct in my request. They will add flowers to your cake just tell them. As for down the isle... I've never seen any pics of it and I would guess it might cause a problem for the next bride unless you're the last one of the day.... Good luck

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