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    Default November here we come woohoo!!! CSA annual trip can't wait :)

    Yay fellow csa addicts it's nearing that time again anyone else going in November? We will be there during Thanksgiving and cannot wait, it's our fav time to go!

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    Hey Tim and Lisa,
    My husband and I will be there at that time too(19th-27th) Can't wait!! That is our favorite time of the year also. It will be 200 days on May 3!! We will see ya there!

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    We'll be there on the 20th to the 27th! Can't wait!!!

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    Right after thanksgiving for us.

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    We'll be there earlier in the month...5th-12th. Its our first time. Im so excited!

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    We'll be there from the 11th of Nov to the 27th. Cannot wait, counting the days.

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