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    Default stretch marks!!!

    I know everyone says people don't judge you at the island, BUT! I have had six kids. I am 34 and not overweight, but carrying those little angels left their marks! My husband would love to try out the island at CTI and I would also but never gone "au natural" and because of this (stretch marks) I don't know if I can be confidant enough. I feel like I am the only woman in the world with them! Anyone PLEASE?

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    You don't have to look like a goddess to go au naturel, just feel like a goddess. We went to a nude beach in St Martin and people were all sizes, shapes, and ages. It's totally not what you look like and not judgmental. It's about feeling free in your own skin. Definitely not for everyone and the only people I judge are those who go to a nude beach but keep their clothes on. CTI seems to have this covered by only allowing guests who are uncovered on the island.

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    Hi kamilla, You and your husband will fit in perfectly. You will find quite a few couples on the island who also have children young and old. It's amazing how many people share your same anxieties in some form or another. Go to the island on the first day, your won't regret it. Get the first boat out (it will be less crowded) turn right(even less crowded )find a chair disrobe and feel the warm Jamaican sun all over. NOW YOUR HOOKED! You will soon realize you worried for nothing. If people judged others I think the island would be empty. I hope you don't let "Angel Marks" stop you and your husband from having a greater time and meeting some wonderful people. You certainly deserve it. Non judgemental people tend to party, make noise, drink a little and just have a great time. If you don't believe me, just listen from the "textile side" Make sure to bring, and use alot of sunscreen. We just about ran out
    thinking one large bottle was enough. Have a great time!
    282 days for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This thread is probably best placed in the AN category, but I'll answer anyway. Stretch marks are God's medals for carrying those bundles of joy to personhood. And stretch marks do not tan! Most women who partake of the island or other AN facilities will have evidence of their journies through motherhood. You will not be alone, nor will anyone care. Please do not let stretch marks discourage you from trying AN. I'm 55, have stretch marks, am lumpy and bumpy and have varicose veins, but my hubby still makes me feel like I'm Bo Derek in "10" when we are AN. As he puts it, it's all about being comfortable in your own skin. Maybe I'm not quite there yet, nor is he, but we're having fun working on it! Go for it - I doubt that you will have any regrets.

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    Oh you are not alone. With my first I was so sick the whole time that I weighed less when he was born than when I got pregnant. The second time I had none until 2 days before she was born!! I was so mad. I had gone that long and then I woke up one day and there they were. Two days!!

    I have only been to CSA but there are all shapes and sizes there. ALL shapes and sizes. Some women were larger than we with less on, some were smaller with more. Just remember this. The ones who judge you don't matter and are not people you want to be friends with and the people who do matter won't judge. Plus, you probably won't ever see any of those people again in your life anyway!

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    Welcome Kamilla. My first thought when I read your post was I understand. My second thought was the people you meet on the island won't take notice your stretch marks. If someone does take notice they will probably only think how your marks were earned through tremendous acts of love. Beyond that, no notice, no judgement, just smiles and extended hands welcoming you to the island. Go. Give it a try. You will be ever so pleasantly surprised at the welcoming nature of everyone on the island.


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    Not being a woman I cant know exactly how you feel but I can say that from my one experience at SSB that no one is really going to care if you have stretch marks or not. We saw bodies from perfect to very much not perfect and quickly realized that the reason for being there was not what you look like but a personal choice to be free. We met people that we still keep in touch with and look forward to meeting at any of the couples resorts again and I can tell you that I dont know if any of them have stretch marks because I dont remember them because of there bodies. I do remember how much fun I had with them and that I never felt like anyone was judging me while I was there.

    Tower Isle here we come March 24! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!


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    don't worry about it, just relax and have fun. If you want to know what the people are going to look like go to walmart, or Kmart the same people and body types are what we have witness on our five c/o vacations.

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    If it helps, I would suggest getting into the pool as soon as you get there. No one will see your childrens "beauty marks" while you are in the pool and after a few drinks and time to see what it is all about, I am sure you will see that no one really cares. I am sure you will find your physical shape is even better than most!!! GO, ENJOY, Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!

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    No Worries! I only had 2 babies, both by c-section so there is that scar. Lost weight, so stretch marks from that journey. You know what, once you get there, you don't care. Our first trip to CTI (COR at the time) we wondered where all the people like us, older (mid to late 40's) not in the best shape bodies, were. Well we finally got brave, jumped and the boat and headed for the island and waa laa, we found the people like us. Yes there were younger folks there who were in better shape, but not many. The nice thing is, if you get there and you are not comfortable, then get back on the boat and head to the mainland. No worries, no problem.

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    Hi Kamilla-
    Put your mind at ease. We've found the people on the a/n beaches to be the best....friendly & the least judgemental folks you'd ever hope to meet! I'm 55 and have had 4 kids. The last one was 10lbs 12oz, so not only do I have stretch marks, but gravity has now set in besides! Really, don't worry. Do it your first day. If it's not to your liking, just return to the textile beach.

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    Default Don't worry

    You will see very few young hardbodies there. The average person going there does NOT have a 18 - 20 year old body anymore. After the first 10 or 15 minutes you will forget about it and enjoy yourself.

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    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I soooooo appreciate it. I feel so much better! I love that you called them "Angel Marks"! That is exactly what they are. I am actually a little excited about trying it now! 7 days and can't wait!

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    I am 52 and ready for the AN beach...yes I am not perfect...but i am going to have the time of my life! You should too!

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    After having and raising 6 kids, I'm sure you've braved more than going au natural. I bet plenty of people have seen all your bit and pieces while you were giving birth, and no one judged you. We're headed to CN for the first time in Feb. and plan on giving the naked thing a shot; I only have 2 boys, but I figure all they've put me through is nothing compared to relaxing naked on a beautiful beach. Motherhood is the most difficult job in the world, enjoy your vacation to the fullest, I'm sure you deserve it!

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    Au Natural,is just what it means. birth stretch marks are natural and part of life, not a fashion show just relaxation, sun and fun,enjoy you will have a great time!!

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    From a ladies magazine. use a good self tanner every day for two weeks on them before you go and they seem to fade away , while there she says use a self tanner with SPF and enjoy.

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    You show off those stretch marks with pride!! You've got nothing to be ashamed of.

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