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    Default Husband keeps nagging me about AN

    My husband is a want-a-be naturist and we are going to the Couples Tower Isle resort. He wants us to experience his desire to do this on the AN island. I am not at all interested in this. He keeps bugging me about how great it is and all that. I think he is completely nuts about it. He keeps telling me how good it would make us both feel. I am not a skinny young women and would be totally embarrassed. How can I get him to just drop it.

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    1sttimerAN go to the island early in the morning. Go towards the left side of the island. find some chairs, turn them away from the walkway.
    sit down, undress, make hubby get drinks from the bar while you relax in the sun. try it once you may change your mind. If it's not your thing
    go back to the main beach and at least you tried. Enjoy your vacation!

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    if it makes a difference you will not find young skiny women there.

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    Be a good sport and TRY IT! And not just for a minute or two, but give it at least a morning or an afternoon. You may be surprised and like it! If not, well, you tried it for your Sweetie and he should THEN drop it!

    I'm not a skinny young thing, either, but I will never go back to wearing a sand-catching, skintight bathing suit on the beach! I am so glad I let go of my fears and went for it! Au Naturel is truly the way to go!


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    The island has all body types with very few if any tens. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Just give it a try your first morning and check it out. Go to the right side of the island and make him get the drinks. No one will see you.

    I do not think you are going to get him to drop it, men have a one track mind.
    Irie Mon

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    Promise him you will try it for 30 minutes but if you're uncomfortable after that you both return to the textile beach and the subject is dropped. There are several threads discussing the idea of "perfect bodies" in the AN areas. Simply, there are all shapes and sizes in the AN areas just as there are on the textile beach. In fact, you may find a lower percentage of "perfect bodies" in the AN areas than you do in the textile areas.

    Ask questions on this board and read some previous posts to understand the etiquette and to understand the warmth of the people who spend time AN. I think it may help you to at least be open to giving it a try.


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    Hey 1sttimer,

    If you haven't done so already, read this thread. It may help alleviate some of your concerns.


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    I went AN for the first time last year at CN and was a little nervous as well...but I have to say that there were not "skinny young women" out on the AN beach...there were people of all ages and shapes and was NO big deal...we were all just there relaxing in the beautiful sun and sea breeze, enjoying our vacation, sipping yummy drinks and just being...Please just try it Once you do you will be HOOKED and will understand why your hubby wants you to do it....There is nothing to be embarrassed about...there are going to be people there at look exactly like you do...I promise!

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    Default Nagging husand

    Quote Originally Posted by 1sttimerAN View Post
    My husband is a want-a-be naturist and we are going to the Couples Tower Isle resort. He wants us to experience his desire to do this on the AN island. I am not at all interested in this. He keeps bugging me about how great it is and all that. I think he is completely nuts about it. He keeps telling me how good it would make us both feel. I am not a skinny young women and would be totally embarrassed. How can I get him to just drop it.

    Your husband would do well to stop nagging you. No one should be pressured into doing something they do not wish to do. On the other hand, I can relate somewhat to your situation. I had always had a desire to try AN but my wife was absolutely against the idea. About 20 years ago we went to St. Martin and stayed near Orient Beach. She had heard that the beach was clothing optional and said before we left "you can do what you want to do, but I'm keeping my clothes on." I didn't pressure her. We we got to Orient beach, it took me about 5 minutes to take my bathing suit off and she just sort of rolled her eyes. After a couple of hours of laying on the beach, she rolled over on her stomach and took off her bikini top. About 30 minutes late she rolled over with the top still off. I didn't make a big deal out of it and by the next day, she had taken off everything and having a good time on the beach. She later said that if someone had told her she would do this, she'd would have said they were crazy. Since then we've been on many "nude" vacations and we both have a great time.

    Since CTI is mandatory AN, you might be uncomfortable "plunging" into the experience at once. However, I would suggest that you guys try a clothing optional resort first and you may be more comfortable getting going nude over a period of time.

    This is just a suggestion, but I can tell you from personal experience, even the most conservative and apprehensive lady can come to enjoy the nude experience IF they are not are not nagged into it.

    Sorry for the long post...but don't categorically rule it out.


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    Default Thanks for your replys

    Thank you all for your ideas but I don't think I am cut out for this lifestyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sttimerAN View Post
    Thank you all for your ideas but I don't think I am cut out for this lifestyle.

    Hi again 1sttimer, I respect your decision but want to clarify your reference to "lifestyle".

    Maybe I miss interpreted your words and maybe we're naïve but we don't see suntanning without wearing clothes as a "lifestyle" in the way that swinging is a lifestyle (if that's at all what you're referring to). There are no "lifestyle" activities of a swinging nature in the AN areas. Just people choosing to sun themselves Au Naturel.

    I hope your husband finds it in himself to respect your decision and to stop nagging you about trying AN.

    I also hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation at Couples. I'm pretty sure you will.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sttimerAN View Post
    My husband is a want-a-be naturist and we are going to the Couples Tower Isle resort. He wants us to experience his desire to do this on the AN island. I am not at all interested in this. He keeps bugging me about how great it is and all that. I think he is completely nuts about it. He keeps telling me how good it would make us both feel. I am not a skinny young women and would be totally embarrassed. How can I get him to just drop it.
    you could always go to CN and he can position himself on the left side of the hedge /fense ( looking at the water ) and you can position yourself on the right side he can be nekkid and you can have your clothes on presto !! sounds like a perfect solution for your current question.

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    I was like you the first time we went to CTI. I got a little liquid courage in me and I was the first one to take off the bathing suit when we got to the island. Like everyone says it is not a "lifestyle" trust me I am the straightest arrow you will come across but there is something about laying in the sun naked. It feels great. I know you are going to think this is crazy but you actually look better naked (and I am far from a 10 and over 50) than in a bathing suit that just accentuates all your flaws. Now my husband and I can't stand to have a wet bathing suit on. I can honeslty say that after a while you don't even notice that you or anyone else is naked. It is just a bunch of people having a good time. Try it! You won't see any of these people again and you only live once don't you want to experience everything you can!!! Remember Liquid Courage!!!


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    Default Starting to think about it.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Go for it! Wet bathing suits! Yuk!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sttimerAN View Post
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    1st Timer:

    Reading your post was a little like dejavu for me. When we booked CN and learned they had an AN area, my husband expressed an interest in trying it. I quickly changed the subject. The next time he brought it up again - I laughed like it was a joke. The third time he mentioned it he asked me to seriously consider it because he really wanted to give it a try and couldn't go without me. My stomach dropped to my toes. I don't have the best body image and I typically walk the beach with a sarong tied around my waste because I am embarrassed by my rear end. So there would have been nothing that would have made me consider trying AN except that I really did not want to disappoint my husband. That being said, I did just what you are doing - started reading all these posts to try and gain some courage. A funny thing happened then - I 'met' such nice, caring people who took the time to encourage and reassure me, that I started to feel like I wanted to try it for me, not just for my husband. I figure that if I can bare it all and nobody runs away screaming or turns to stone, then I may just lose a little of the insecurity I have about my body. I think that gaining a better body image might just be the best thing I can do for me. I'm tired of feeling embarrassed and ashamed - I am who I am and I think everyone will like me regardless of what I look like underneath my clothes. And I'm going to test that theory in April!

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    Great post RJG. It's all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Someday, even I (hubby) will reach that point. In the meantime, I'll just keep trying because it's real addictive being on the AN beach and around the pool. Way too much fun...


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    1st Timer, I to was a lot like you. My husband has always wanted to try the AN experience. Even here in the cold midwest (Wisconsin) there are a few nudist colonies. I adamantly refused (still do the nudist colonies). In 2008 when I started researching for our vacation, and ran across the Couples web site, I noticed they had the AN areas. I was thinking, "well I am far enough from home we won't see anyone, Maybe I can give him his wish." Also, from what everyone had said on the board, it wasn't about sex or showing off your body, but about the freedom from the clothing that most of us just hate most of the time. The more I read about it on the board, the more willing I became. I still was somewhat hesitant, and did not want to go to the pool bar, or around a lot of people right away. But it didn't take long, and I was enjoying it as much or more than he did. I am a 53 year old woman who is definitely overweight. I have not had a body most would consider "good" for many years. I also hate my body. But that is not what the AN experience is about.

    The idea of just trying it for a short period of time is a good one, make a compromise, tell him you will try it, and if you are still very uncomfortable after a while, then you go back, and he does not ask again. You might be pleasantly surprised, and he will love you for it.

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    I know how you feel. My husband (about 10 years ago) had me try it (nude sunbathing) on a trip. I was very uncomfortable, however because we were just dating, I decided just to do it anyways. How bad could it be? It took a couple of times before I got into it-meaning feeling comfortable sunbathing nude. Absolutely-we are not a "lifestyle" couple. I have come to appreciate no tan lines, especially when I am wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress. Additionally, the people on the AN beaches are nice and very friendly-just good grounded people. You have your limits on what you feel comfortable's natural to feel the way you do. What ever you decide to do will be just fine. :0)

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    I agree with most posters, here. This is not a lifestyle. We aren't nudusts at home (outside the bedroom, anyway) but do love to be in the sun a/n. At first, the thought was frightening, but now you cannot keep me away. The nicest people ever are there, and NO ONE will make you feel uncomfortable. It is getting increasingly more difficult for us to get to Jamaica due to airline restraints, and it has me panicked. Not ready to give it up, that is for sure.

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    Well, my girlfriend, actually now she is my fiance, was not really interested in doing the AN thing either but I really was. I didn't "nag" her about it, but I did mention that I was interested in it and she initially said that she wasn't into that. She had been to CTI once before and called the taxi the "boat of shame". She had pre-conceived notions about the people she had seen go out there.

    After reading these forums, A LOT, and explaining to her that there truly are all shapes and sizes and options to be somewhat private while AN.. she said she'd think about it.

    I explained that CTI offers a great first AN experience, you can go on the right hand side of the island and be shielded from the people at the bar/pool and on the mainland and be nearly "alone" on the water.

    I also explained that it was something I think she should at least "try", so that she could say she had done it at the very least. I asked her to try it for 30 minutes. If she didn't like it, we could get dressed and return to the normal beach and I'd never bring it up again.

    I suppose I maybe nagged her a little... but really, I didn't pressure her too much. I asked if she would try it and she said she would think about it, then she said she would try it.

    Guess what?

    We spent every single afternoon on the island! We only visited the pool once, but she really enjoyed being right on the water with a breeze on her body. Plus, she sent me to the bar to refill the drinks, so she didn't have to be social at all. I was quite happy with that arrangement. We only visited the sand once!

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    Hi 1sttimer, one thing I can suggest is go to end of peir where it is topless. Try that and see if you can get used to that. I actually chose CTI the first time I went because of the fact the A/N was on the Island. Like you my husband wanted to go over and I was saying no way no how. I did tell him I would try topless because I did that in the privacy of my own back yard never in public before. Our third day there I got to talking to a couple that were "Islanders", they were far from having the 10 bodies every one thinks is what you will find and that got me to thinking and give it a try. We are just a group of people that don't like clothes. It was no different then being at the textile pool or beach you actually get to a point where you forget no one has clothes on and not because of drinking. People who are into the "life style" stuff go to a different resort, it is very discouraged at Couples.

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    My wife was totally against going to the AN Beach. We stayed at CTI on our first trip to Jamaica. After, nagging and a visit to the Jewelery store out front and a $1200.00 ring, she gave in. We positioned ourselves as far away from the Island Pool as we possibly could. She would not move! The next year we went to CSS, we spent practically every day at SSB. I was surprised at how she came out of her shell and actually interacted with people around the pool. This past year, she lost about 25 lbs., needless to say her pfd's (personnal flotation devices) took the weight loss pretty hard. Actually I think they are C's now that I think about it. Anyway, she was feeling a little ashamed of how her breast had deflated and was not looking forward to going to SSB... And now the rest of the story. So just yesteday she had her surgery and had a lift and augmentation. Hmmmm, diamond rings, breast augmentation... You know going to the AN beach can be expensive! Its all good, you only live once.

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    The only thing I can say is that my wife was the same way our first trip to Couples. I was drawn to CSS because it looked so beautiful, plus it had the A/N section which I really wanted to try, even though I was nervous about it as well. My wife thought I was kidding and had no notions of going. As the trip got closer I read more posts on here about how great it felt to sit on the beach with the sun and the wind hitting places they never had before and I just started picturing it more and more in my head. I started to talk to my wife about it more and let her know it really was something I'd like to try just once in my life (you only live once). I started to read her posts from here to try to make her feel more comfortable, that it wasn't about sex, just about freedom from clothes. I did NOT push or nag.

    I made a promise that if she would try it we would go on our first day, and give it 15 minutes. If either of us didn't like it for ANY reason we would leave, no questions. I will get up to get all the drinks at the bar. You will never see these people again, I would say. Its not like we're going to sit there having awkward conversations with people while we're naked, I told her. I was wrong about those points though (except it wasn't awkward). She decided to try it for me, and for her because life it too short to look back on and wish you had tried it (whats 15 minutes out of your life? You've probably spend more than that telling hubby you don't want to do it).

    Well, after the 15 minutes was up, I looked at her to see what she wanted to do, the smile on her face gave the answer. We weren't going anywhere just yet, she needed a drink. I'll go get you one, I said. Then she stood up, and said, lets go together. By the end of the day we were in the pool having drinks and great conversations with people, which we never thought would happen (and hasn't on any other vacation we had ever been on). We met fantastic people of all ages and shapes and could not have cared less how young or old they were or what shape they were. We will be going back to Couples for our 5th time in May, and will be joined by 5 or 6 other couples that we have made friends with over those trips.

    I hope, for your sake, that you do give it a shot. I think you will be surprised by how comfortable it actually makes you feel with yourself as it did with us. You will meet wonderful people from all walks of life, if you choose to socialize, and at the very least, you won't get tan lines!!!! If you still decide not to after reading these posts, than I truly hope your husband understands and doesn't keep trying to push, we all know that never works. Anyone who has ever smoked and people pushing them to quit knows it all too well. Can you tell I'm a recent non-smoker? lol

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    Our two wonderful children have resulted in my wife not having the same confidence in her body as she used to. After two trips to CN, she decided to try the island at CTI. Guess what? She felt more comfortable nekkid than she did clothed. AN people are just so less judgemental - you never once worry about what you look like. And I never once was concerned that other men were checking her out - unlike when she's walking around the textile beach in a two-piece.

    She's hooked, and we're going back in 33 days in large part because we can't wait to get nekkid again!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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