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    Default Anyone playing golf at Upton (Sandals)

    Is anyone playing golf at the Sandals Upton Course between now and the end of February? We would like to get a message to a caddy there to tell her we are on our way!

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    Default no-one playing golf?

    Is there no-one planning to play golf at Upton (from CTI or CSS)? We were really hoping to get a message to Sophia White, our caddie, that we hope to play on Thursday 25 Feb.

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    Have you considered either calling the course directly, or sending an e-mail to the resort asking that they contact Upton and have them pass on your caddy request.

    I am going to CN at the beginning of March and am going to request my caddy for the following day as soon as I check in.


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    Default golf at upton

    we will be playing next wee the 16th for a couple of weeks
    give me your caddies name and dates and i will let him know you are coming
    p.s is he any good
    have not played upton before so i do not know the caddies there
    just the ones at runaway bay

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    Hi Jenni. I will do that, I was just trying to give her a bit or warning as she doesn't caddy every day. Enjoy your holiday - and your golf. We went to CN last year and played golf - for the first time I insisted on a buggy as it is so hilly. Usually we prefer to walk to work off some calories!

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    That would be great - her name is Sophia White, the caddy master will know her and might pass the message on to her. Tell her Gaye and Rob are coming back again and hope to see her on Thursday Feb 25th. She has been our main caddy for several visits, there are some better and some worse. Don't go stealing her now!! The caddy master likes to allocate caddies for those who haven't played there before. Good luck with him, he can be quite brusque! Another popular caddy is Timothy though we have never used him, people we have played with have. Might see you there as we will coincide.

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    We are new to CSS, how is the golf course, is it worth dragging our clubs with us

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    Default Is Upton worth playing?

    Well, I suppose that depends on the weather where you live, and how long you are going to Jamaica for. The weather here is gross - it has rained and rained, and snowed - our golf course is water logged and no trolleys are allowed. I am a fair weather golfer these days and have hardly played at all in the last 2 - 3 months, not normal at all. So, yes, it is worth us taking our clubs. Playing in tee shirt and shorts - great! The course itself is OK - nothing wonderful apart from the weather and the views. The fairways are a little short of grass and hard. The greens are evil - the caddies help with giving you 'the line' but they are very fast! Rounds can take 5 hours and you usually play as a 4 ball, so people tend to make up 4's whilst waiting to play. If I was only going for a week then I would probably not bother as would begrudge the time away from the hotel, soaking up the sun. We are there for 2 weeks, and my golf mad husband will want to play 6 times whilst we are there (at least!!!!) It does take up a large part of your day, leaving the hotel at 8 am and getting back at about 2.30 (CTI anyway). But we have played with some nice people and that's what golf is about really. The choice is yours!

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