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    Default Help Please! Way too many choices!

    Ok I need a vacation just from the stress of trying to book this vacation! Planning a trip down to couples in june but can't figure out with location to go to. Originally I was looking into cti because I found the best rates and I found that there was more included Ie. horseback riding) But after looking at some pics I think csa and css might look a little prettier. I want a place with a variety of restaraunts, nice rooms, pretty atmosphere and beautiful pools and beaches. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    I am in pretty much the same boat, and on the same timeframe too! I had originally narrowed it to CTI or CSS, but am now reconsidering the other 2 again because the room type I wanted at CTI is already sold out. It is a tough decision because they all seem great...but none have "called" to me yet.

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    Keep doing what you're doing... and also look into the difference in the locales. One of the four resorts in two locations will win out over the others...

    Good luck!

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    What you are looking for is at all the resorts.
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    Each of the four resorts offers what you're seeking. CSA has more dining options for breakfast and lunch than do the other resorts.

    Planning your vacation shouldn't be stressful. Read the information on accommodation and dining options for each resort, check out the photo tours for each, look at the aerial map and click on pictures to see particular rooms/areas, and look at photos posted by guests. There will be something about one of the resorts that appeals to you in particular; that is the resort that you should select.
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    Couples Swept Away! The best sunsets! Awesome restaurants and wonderful staff and the beach is amazing. There are tons of activities too. This one is the most intimate I think also.

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    I doubt asking here will be of any help as all 4 resorts are special for various reasons to everyone here. There is no clear choice other than going to a Couples Resort which you have wisely decided. We had been to CN 6 times and thought nothing could be better to us. Then we went to CSS for the first time and automatically booked for April again. We loved it. Better? No, just as excellent but there were different things we enjoyed and wanted to do some more of it there again. My best advise tho useless would be pick one out of a hat and go enjoy. You WILL be going back anyway so next time it will be easier as you will only have to decide from 3. (Unless like us, you fall in love with the first one and are afraid to change)

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