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    Default CTI Guest Ages?

    Hi all,

    I just read a travel review that said CTI guests tend to be an older crowd. Can you please tell me your experiences? My husband and are are late 40's but we're traveling with our college age son and his girlfriend (20). We are not looking for a party scene but we thought there would be a mixture of guests and lots for them to do in the evenings. My son and his girlfriend actually chose CTI out of the 4 couples resorts.

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    I was worried that it would be too young a crowd as we're in our 50's. There was a thread a few weeks ago that made me feel better. Seems like there's an assortment of all ages.

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    There is always a mix of ages from 20's to 70's at CTI. The two main pools have different vibes, the old pool is quieter and the new pool with swim up bar is typical of a pool with swim up bar. There is something for everyone. Enjoy.

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    CTI has all age groups from 20 to 80 plus.
    Irie Mon

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    the ages vary and whenever we go in August - there is always a great mixture of ages. It is a relaxing and fun resort and no wild 'spring break' type partying. We have been three years in a row (we are in our 40s/50s) and always have met and had a great time with people of all ages. If your son and girlfriend are looking for a big party scene, Couples is not it. There are always activities and lots of fun going on with relaxation to go along with those times/days you want to chill.

    You will have a great time and there are also plenty of opportunities to take free excursions off the resort along with 'fee' based excursions.

    Joanne and Marty

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    Honestly, if probably depends on the time of year you go. We go in July and have not felt "older" or "younger" but just right! We are in the late 40's early 50's age bracket. Really doesn't matter.

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    Been to CTI 3 times, honeymoon,25th ann., last year, all in Sept. You will see ages of all. Honeymooners, anniversaries of all years and return guests. Great place and can't wait to go back "home". You won't be sorry.

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    My husband and I honeymooned at Couples when I was 19 and didn't fell out of place at all. There were people of all ages but it really seems like age is nothing but a number at the resorts!

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    I think you guys will have a great time! My husband and I are a few years apart...i'm 36 and he's 51. We've been going to CTI for 5 years now and have never felt like we "didn't fit it". The funny thing that we have noticed is a lot of the times it's the "older croud" that is actually closing the bars out at the break of dawn! The resort has a lot of options and it really is what you make it. Everyone is so friendly that you will all undoubtedly come back with great memories and new friends!

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    Default Ages

    Just got back from CTI a week ago. I wish I was still there. My wife and I are in our 20's and found plenty of couples around our age although we seem to hang out with many that were were older. The average age is probably between 40-55, but there is alot of other ages, from 20 to 80. I hope this helps

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    No need to be concerned. Couples is for couples of ALL ages and ALL ages are there. We are in our mid-40s and have a wonderful time. We've see couples older and younger than us. Age does not even matter at Couples as you will become friends with couples of all different ages. You all will have a wonderful time.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You will LOVE CTI! We honeymooned there in 2002 when we were both 25 and have returned every year since. We've been to all of the Couples, but CTI is home. Over the years we've met great people of ALL ages at the resort so you have nothing to worry about. Honestly, the ages range from early 20s to late 70s. Have fun!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    My husband and I are creeping past our mid 50's. The friends we've made there and meet every year are in their 70's. Last year we met and had a ton of fun with some newlyweds in their 20's. All ages love Couples Tower Isle (CTI). No problem, mon!Sun_princess

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    When we were there in October, the average age seemed a bit lower than in our previous visits, although this may have been partially due to the new pool. It seems to be a real gathering place for the younger crowd, so they are together more instead of spread out. If your son and his girlfriend are looking for lots of nightime activity they may need to head off the resort.

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    We are in our mid to late 40's and we had a ball as usual!! There is NO age at Couples!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkhiattky View Post
    We are in our mid to late 40's and we had a ball as usual!! There is NO age at Couples!!
    Good, because I'm 107, altho I always party like it's 1999.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thanks All for your thoughts. It looks like we're going to have a great time. I think CTI will be just right.

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    i just turned 20 and my boyfriend is 22, we are going there for a wedding ! I am glad someone asked this question because i was curious myself !

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