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    Default Best Beachfront Veranda Suite

    I'm excited to be making my first trip to CSA in another week! I have a beachfront veranda suite booked, but i heard not all the b/front suites step down to the beach as some are located on the 2nd or 3rd floors. I was wondering if anyone could recommend the best room(s) to try and reserve.

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    All the first floor Beachfront Veranda suites @ CSA are just between 2 and 5 steps to the beach. If that is what you want just request a first floor suite. Keep in mind the 2nd and 3rd floor Beach front suites can have a slightly better view.

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    Last year we had a first floor BFVS, which has its pros and cons. I loved just stepping down to the beach, but I so wisjed we could have slept with the doors open at night... It's a great room category. I think you will be happy with whatever room you get.

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    One of the best quotes here on the MB to answer this question is from my old buddy Cornell...

    "The best room at SweptAway is the one my key opens..."

    Booking a particular room class guarantees you that class (or better)... requests for specific buildings, floors or rooms cannot be guaranteed.

    Good luck!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My wife and I booked a BFVS also, going in April!! Cant wait have a good time!! Ive heard that there is pros and cons to all three levels, first floor is on the beach but lacking privacy, third floor isnt on the beach but has very nice views. To me it doesnt really matter, just as long as they keep the beer filled its all good!!

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    Default Another perspective

    You may want to consider getting a room on the second or third floor. You are still only a few steps away from the beach and you have a better view. Also, we love sleeping every night with the door open, to get the cool ocean breeze and hear the relaxing sounds of the waves and nature! If you get a room on the first floor you lose out on this wonderful experience. Just a thought.

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