Golf: Does anyone know the cost for club rental and caddy fee for a round of golf? Transfers/Green fees are included - - is this a situation where you'd tip the driver, or is the driver a Couples employee?

Casual restaurant - We'll be arriving on a Monday, midday, and I'd like a recommendation for dinner that evening. We might be quite tired from the travel, so we'd like a more casual spot. Suggestions?

Excursions / Dinner reservations - We plan to visit Dunns River Falls and do the Glass-bottom boat excursion. I've asked previously regarding tipping for DRF, but what about the glass-bottom boat tour - Couples employees? Re Dunns River Falls - what's the best day to go? I've seen mention of it being busy with cruise ship passengers on certain days.

Continental Breakfast (in bed) - Does this just get left outside your door, or how does that work exactly? I'm new to this! My hubby gets up earlier than I do, and would appreciate coffee then, I'm sure . . . but I don't need someone rolling a cart into the room while I'm still snoring . . .

Thanks - I'm not over-planning, I just need to know what to expect!