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    I was wondering if anyone had some advice on taking a taxi from Mo Bay to CSA? It's for my parents, who will be coming in off a cruise ship. They are going to take a taxi from Mo Bay to CSA to be there for our vow renewal. I'm wondering how long it will take for them to arrive, how much it costs, and will the ride scare them half to death? I just want them to have a good experience gettin to CSA and back. Thanks!


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    There are some excellent and safe transport contractors on the island. I suspect their tab may be as high as $100 (or more). Unfortunately, Couples will not take on the liability of offering a recommendation. However, there are any number of folks here who have contracted drivers on the island. E-mail me for someone I consider reliable.

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    Not sure what you're wanting to spend, but for about $400 round trip they can fly Timair and it takes about 15 min from MoBay to Negril.

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    you are probably better asking this question on the main MB. This thread is for Meeting up at Couples.

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