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    We booked our vacation through an online travel company (going to CSA March 12, can't wait!!), and I'm wondering - do we need to contact Couples to give them any information, or is this all set? This will be our third trip, and our first two were through travel agents so they did all of this for us. I noticed when we were booking, the company offered an option to purchase round trip transportation to and from the airport and resort, which I thought was odd because I thought Couples usually provides that, or is that only if you book through Couples or a travel agent?

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    Couples Resorts includes transfer no matter which company you use to book your vacation.

    We look forward to welcoming you home to Couples Resorts soon!

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks Randymon - that's what I figured but just wanted to be sure. Do we need to call ahead of time regarding Romance Rewards or do we just take care of that at check-in?

    We can't wait to get home!

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    . . . . Do we need to call ahead of time regarding Romance Rewards . . . ?
    You can pre-check-in online. Click on the Romance Rewards link on the left, log in to your account, select pre-check-in, select the resort at which you're staying, and provide the requested information.
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