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    Default CSS beach vendors

    Just wondering what kind of goodies one can buy from the vendors on the beach?

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    It has been 3 year since being at CSS but truely there arent any "beach vendors" walking the beach.The beach is only about 550 to 600 feet long between two rocky out croppings. Very private and very romantic. They do however have 1 night that they bring in several (and I mean a bunch) I believe that is the same night at the Starlight Gala. You can get most anything made in Jamaica by Jamaican vendors then. Enjoy!

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    There aren't many vendors at CSS because the beach is completely private. There are a couple that set up on property on certain days, but it's not like the Negril beaches where vendors are walking by all day. Having said that, the ones that are allowed on property are mainly pottery, wood carvings, jewelry and paintings. Possibly other goodies too
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    We were just there a few weeks ago... I believe it was Wednesday a lady came and set up down by watersports selling sandals... I got a fabulous pair and she was fun to haggle with. She only was there once during the week we were there. The lady selling hats was there every day and the gentleman selling wood carvings was there every day. A lady had her bags set up and was also making them every day we were there... they do not move around, you have to go over there and see their wares... it was under the big tree near watersports and the swim up bar.

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    My husband and I were there in Dec. '09. There were usually four vendors on the beach during the day - one selling wood carvings, one selling beach bags and hats, one selling painted shells and pottery, and one selling assorted jewelry. They do not allow vendors at the Starlight Gala (Friday), rather they allowed about five or six at the Beach Party (Tuesday). They sold wood carvings, oil paintings, jewelry, coconut purses, etc. Most items were very inexpensive $6 to $10. The oil paintings started at $10 and went to about $30.

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    Are there vendors anywhere around other than the one night when CSS brings them in?

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    We just got back. There are wood carvings, toys and one lady sets up pottery. She will even let you paint your own vase or bowl for free during the day. The gift shop has some cute buys. We did not get to go into town to buy gifts since we were there for such a short time, but the airport has decent prices on alcohol, coffee, etc too.

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