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    Default Online spa booking

    For two days now, every time I try to get to the page to book something, (anything will do) it tells me it can't accommodate me now and I should try later. What's up with that? Is that portion of the Web site down? Should I keep trying? Any feedback welcome. Oh yeah, BTW only 8 MORE DAYS! Crazy with excitement, Sun-princess

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    Sun_princess -

    Unfortunately, I don't think the spa booking engine works at all. I'm surprised that Couples doesn't take that down.

    I would suggest walking over to the spa when you have your first spare moments and make your appointments. I wouldn't make it a priority... just do it when you get time.

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    Thanks, Chris. I just tried it again. Maybe I'll mention it to Randymon on fb. I'm excited to use some of the spa credit we have waiting for us (well really, me).

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