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    Default Other Photography Locations (besides CTI)

    Does anyone recommend any other locations (in Ocho Rios) to take pictures after the wedding, besides the resort (CTI)?

    I do want pics at the resort, but I would also like pictures somewhere else beautiful, to represent Jamaica.

    BTW--we hired a professional photographer


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    You should ask your professional photographer then. They should know a place. Diana Campbell was our photographer and for a little extra money she and her son took us to Mayfield Falls and we got AMAZING once in a lifetime photos! I actually have a pic she took on the way there of me and my husband, standing off the road and the background is nothing but green and blue hills! I have it at work, it's my absolute favorite pic!

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    I did ask the photographer and she said, there is nothing she can think of in Ocho Rios (which I found very hard to believe). She said the resort is beautiful and I should just get pictures there.

    Do most photographers avoid leaving the resort, this way? It just makes me think she doesn't want to actually have to photograph us, anywhere else. Sort of frustrating, but I already put down a deposit.

    Have you been to Shaw Park Gardens?

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    We didn't make it this year, but had hoped to. Several on the MB have been and have wonderful photos.

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    Do you mind me asking who your photographer is?

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    We used Brian Nejedly and he took us offsite. It wasn't a touris location. He lives in town and new of this little gem that has a waterfall, beach, etc. It was PERFECT! I know he knows of other places as well, he just picked that because it was "us". I'm gonna try to post pics, if it doesn't work, let me know and I will email them to you. His website is

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    Looks like the pics didn't post. Email me at if you want to see them.

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    Look at Laughing waters : )

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