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    Default Please.....Don't Ya Rock My Boat

    Us Italians learning Patios with Mike at Couples Tower Isle..
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    Default Natural Mystic

    There's a natural mystic blowing through the air.
    If you listen carefully now you will hear.

    Do you guys hear it? I do!

    Visited the Couples Tower Isle
    Dec 5-12 2009
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    Default Our trip to CSA - first week in Feb

    Two hearts. One love.
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    Default Our wedding in June 2008.

    breathtaking an magical... We absolutely love this resort!!
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    Default tern-bracelets

    Quote Originally Posted by Terri View Post
    Attachment 4861 "One Love at the Beach"

    Attachment 4862 "One Love in the Sand"

    Attachment 4863 " One Love at Couples"

    It all started at "Couples" about eight years ago...
    Three sisters & their hubby's from New York, found a fabulous new "Home" at Couples Negril. The Jamaican symbol for "One Love"
    is what we wear everyday to remind us of our "HOME" away from home!!
    Your bracelets are so adorable. Where did you get them?

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    Default Red Striped Sunset

    Name:  Jamaica Winter 2010 045.jpg
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    Default One word.....PERFECT!

    Name:  Jamaica Winter 2010 033.jpg
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    Default couples negril feb 2010 Our first time

    1 fishing boat
    2 out of the blue
    3 quiet in the night

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    I think they are the one love bracelet from the gift shop. The fiance bought one.

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    Default 25th Anniversary Trip

    1. Sweet Spot on Couples Tower Isle
    2. Wave Goodbye - The Last NightName:  sweetspot.jpg
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    Name:  wavecrashnite.jpg
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    Default Our Couples Pics from Dec 09

    We had such a great time at Couples last December. We are planning to go back this May/June, so it would definitely be nice to have 3 nights free. Enjoy our pics, wish we could share them all!

    Pic 1 Beautiful view of San Souci beach from over near the A block.

    Pic 2 Cool up close picture of a special shot called a Monkey Brain..courtesy of Miguel!

    Pic 3 A beautiful picture from the Au Naturel beach right before a storm came in at sunset.
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    Default Thank you for helping us celebrate our honeymoon!

    My wife and I had such a great time at your resort. We stayed 12 days and loved every second of it. We can't wait to go back and are already trying to plan a trip for our 1 year anniversary so we can come back to the most amazing place on earth!

    We found a couple during our stay (couple in the photos) from Canada who were also celebrating their anniversary. They brought her wedding dress and wanted to have photos taken on the beach. We offered to do them for them. The sunsets are so amazing there. I under metered my camera to the sunset then underexposed by 2 stops to achieve the vibrant color of the sunset. My wife then held an off camera flash to the right to properly expose the couple. Enjoy!

    1. All because two people fell in love. Couple on the beach just after sunset.

    2. The bride called this "the bumm shot" We loved it!

    3. Just after the sunset was nearly gone we got one last close-up with off camera flash.
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    Those are the most amazing wedding photos. Well done!

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    Default Tower Isle - October 6-13, 2009

    1. Relaxing at the spa, much needed after a year full of wedding planning
    2. Jamaican Sand + Ocean + Tower Isle = Happy Feet
    3. Awesome guy we met on our first day, he floats around the resort selling shells
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    Default February Photo Contest

    Sunset from Lemongrass
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    Default February Photo Contest Entries

    These pictures are from our stay at Couples Negril February 11-19, 2009.
    We got married on Valentine's Day and had 20 family/friends attend our ceremony. It was wonderful.

    Name:  1b.jpg
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    Spinning into life as husband and wife,
    My first dance and a day filled with romance.

    Name:  5.jpg
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    One flight to have one night;
    Valentine’s Day in Bloody Bay.
    Making time stand still at Couples Negril;
    The heart imparting a sensation of love.

    Name:  6.jpg
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    Standing along the Bloody Bay tide,
    Absorbing my day as a bride.

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    Thank you... they were such a fun couple and my wife and I take our camera gear everywhere with us, because we always seem to find great opportunities like this. I just recently mailed them a disk of these images and they loved them.

    Thank you again!

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    Default Couples Tower Isle Jan. 16-23 2010

    We loved the renovations on our return trip to CTI in January 2010! Here are a few of our favorite things:

    1. Blue Mountain coffee delivered to our balcony every morning!

    2. The view from our room 4409 was heavenly

    3. The new main pool waterfall and view of Tower Island
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    Default Our First Trip (of many) to Sans Souci

    We're still trying to get back into life after experiencing Couples. Been back three days and these pictures just keep bringing it back. Our CSS adventure lasted 9 days from February 10th through the 18th. The memories below are of:
    1. A gorgeous evening of the absolute best lobster dinner, along with new Couples friends, just outside Ristorante Casanova.
    2. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
    3. The amazing first-look during our day visit to Couples Tower Isle.
    - - Marc N Belinda - -
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    Just wondering where to find that big tree

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    Default our stay at cti

    very nice at cti in feb
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    Default CSS - Feb 05 - 15 2010

    We just got back from Couples Sans Souci and are already looking forward to our return trip next year. Words can not even begin to describe how much we enjoyed our time there. The staff, people, and surroundings were exquisite. Here are a few of the pictures we took while there....
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    Default February Photo Contest

    A picture is worth a 1000 words!
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    Default February Photo Contest

    Why we loved Couples? Friendly people, a beautiful beach where it was like walking on marshmallows, an ocean we could have floated in forever, great food and drink, and spending time with the people I love.

    We stayed at Couples Swept Away from Feb. 6-13.
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    Default February Photo Contest

    We stayed at Couples Tower Isle Feb. 6 to 13 for our 22nd Wedding Anniversary! The resort had everything we were looking for in an all-inclusive resort and we will certainly be coming back!

    Photo #1. A picture is worth 1000 words at Dunn's River Falls!

    Photo #2. My facebook profile picture! Yeah mon! No problem!

    Photo #3. Horseing around!
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