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    Default CTI Eats!

    Just wondering what food items I should make sure I don't miss at CTI. Share some of your favorites please! We will be there on Friday


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    I wonder how they prepare lobster now at the new Asian Bayside restaurant? I've lost the new menu. See y'all Saturday evening after our arrival or Sunday morning, for sure.
    Randy & Cindy

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    Default Cinnamon French Toast

    It is to die for, I have it every morning for breakfast along with all the fresh fruit. Hubby loves the fresh made omlets, Ulysses makes the best omlets. Jerk Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Chicken, need I say more!!

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    We love the croissants and Irish cream butter--simple but delicious! We will be there Saturday!!

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    Oh my gosh--I can't believe I almost forgot about the meat patties. They are a definite "must try." You will be able to get them at the poolside grill. My favorite is the beef.

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    The omelettes are to die for, my husband love them. He will have him one Saturday 07/18/2009.......YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I haven't been since the new menu has been implemented, but if it is better than it was (and I hear it is ) you won't be disappointed!!

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