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    Default Nine Mile Excursions

    My wife and I will be spending a week with CTI and CSS in July. We are huge Bob Marley fans and want to go to Bob's house at Nine Mile. We want to know what is the best tour to go on so we can do a little research before we arrive. Any suggestions?

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    We always take a driver up there. Bob and zebra painted party jeeps never seemed to go together well enough.

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    Yes, hire a private driver - or have the hotel book you one.

    The group after us was on a bus and they unloaded and went through in one big group.....ugh! We went alone, just the 2 of us and a guide - The highlight was when we met Cedella "Mother B" ( a few years back ) and that wouldn't have been possible in that big group.

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    Last year we took the Chukka Zion Bus Tour to Nine Mile, we arranged it with the travel desk at CSS. We had a great time, but the place was pretty busy because it was Bob's birthday. We expected that, and enjoyed the energy and great vibe of the special day. There was a live band playing and lots of interesting vendors outside. A simple "no thanks" was enough to send them off seeking other business. We lagged behind the big tour group and spent some quiet time in the mausoleum. We are big Marley fans so we found the experience to be quite moving, and well worth the trip. The scenery on the way up into the mountains is simply incredible, if you hire a private driver be sure he takes you up the road through Fern Gully. The Zion Bus tour stops for lunch at Bumper Lawn, and takes about six hours. One of the unexpected treats was seeing just about every other big resort in Ochi, as we were the last guests to be dropped off at the end of the tour. None of them could hold a candle to Couples San Souci, in fact none of them even came close.
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    Take the Chukka Zion Bus Tour. You get Bob Marley (and others) music and history all the way there and back.
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    Default Thinking of doing the same

    We are staying at CN in April. We are considering adding four nights onto our trip at Couples SS. My husband has not been to Dunn's River Falls and would like to go, so we would definitely go there. I was also thinking of going to Nine Mile. How far is it and what do private drivers normally charge for this trip? We also are big Marley fans and would love to see his birthplace.

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    How far is nine mile from CSS?

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    If you're a Bob Marley fan, you HAVE to go to Nine does take a while to get there from the resort (we took the Chukka Zion Bus Tour) and if you don't like heights, don't look down. Nine Mile is way up in the mountains and the closer you get the narrower the road is. I'm not a huge fan, my guy is, but I loved it. Our guide was very knowledgable and I learned a lot. Make sure you get a picture of yourself sitting on the big stone where he wrote some of his music - way cool! And for those who have partaken in smoking weed, it is the only place on the island where you can buy it and smoke it legally.

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    Going to Nine Mile was certainly one of the biggest highlights of my life.
    I think it would have been better with a private driver. There were times I thought there was a business feel to it, but that did not stop me from comuning with Bob.If you love Bob you must go.

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    Can someone tell us how much it cost for the tour?My husband and I and our best friends will be there in a week and that is something that we want to do.

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