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    Default How can we get a fridge in a Premier Ocean room?

    Has anyone else asked to have this?
    I just want a cold water or cold diet coke to mix with the rum we are going to buy there for in our room. I know we can carry drinks there, but sometimes you just need to be with the one you love for a bit.
    Thanks in advance!
    Mark & Sue

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    Unless you need a fridge for medical reasons (i.e. insulin or the like) you cannot get a fridge in rooms that don't have one included.

    Since you said "premier ocean" I am assuming that you are staying at CTI. Ask one of the bartenders for an ice bucket, and they'll fill it with ice for you and you can take it back to your room and use it to mix with water (from fountains). There is not diet coke if you don't have a minibar except the fountain stuff, and there is ice there anyway.

    Honestly, we've always been in a room with a minibar, and this last trip to CTI, we didn't have one. We really didn't miss it.

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    I didn't see plastic water bottles of " WATA "
    at CTI this trip - as part of Couples going "green"

    We got 2 clear Couples bottles to use and take home. And they hold ice too - which is perfect for taking cold water or drinks to the beach or on excursions...

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