After doing months of research to become totally familiar with CSA and everything it has to offer, I have just booked 1 night at CN because our flight got pushed back a day, and know nothing about CN. We are staying at CN 1 night, and CSA 5 nights. Hopefully AJ won't change our flight for a 3rd time.

Being that we only have 1 day/night at CN (it is a saturday) - what must we do in our short time? Which restaurant should we make reservations for - or do they have a special buffet on saturdays. We booked a deluxe garden room - anybody have pics or info on that?

I have to say I wasn't pleased with the rep at Couples who I spoke with on the phone. She wasn't pleasant and came across as inconvenienced by my call. I really hope my experience at the resorts are different- especially after we went thru so much as our flight has been changed twice already and we are still 2 months away from the trip.