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    I have an ocean verandah suite booked for my first trip to couples. Where on the property is that located? Is it near the pools/restaurants? I am also reading about people requesting rooms and certain floors. Is there a certain area that I should be asking for? Thank you to all for the help. I cannot tell you what wonderful advice I have gotten from all of you! Thanks a million!!!!!

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    We were upgraded to a Ocean Veranda at CSA in Oct 09. We were on the first floor and it was a straight walk off the veranda to the hot tub and a perfect view of the Ocean. You should love it we did.

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    Look on the map provided on this site. There are three rows of verandah suites which are the newer buildings closer to the south. We always request one of the buildings closer to the swim up bar because we spend more time on that side. I prefer ground floor because you can walk out your door to the beach and not go down stairs. The verandah door doesn't have a keyed lock though. I've never worried about theft though so we just close it and go. Corner rooms are nice too becase you have windows on the side.

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    Hi, we were in an ocean verandah suite and they're in the second row of buildings directly behind the oceanfront verandah suites. Your view will not be that great of the ocean unless you get lucky with a first floor or third floor room. We had room 3210 on the second floor and I'll attach two pictures of the view we had from the verandah. Don't worry too much about being in a building closer to the Greathouse and the pool with the swim up bar. Even if you're in the furthest building away like we were it's a beautiful stroll on the path to get there. By the way we were not impressed with the food at the Cabana Grill near that pool and enjoyed Seagrapes Cafe at the other end of the beach near the sports shack and Palms restaurant much better. There's also a small pool there and flag service from the beach bar if you don't want to walk over to the bar in the Palms. You can not reserve a specific room ahead of time so if you're unhappy with your room just notify the front desk and they'll move you if they can. When we were there, CSA was booked solid so a move was near impossible. We were hardly ever in the room so it was no big deal for us. Enjoy your time in paradise.
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    We just got back from CSA on Wednesday and stayed in the beachfront verandah suites, which are directly on the beach path right near the beach. The ocean verandah suites are buildings directly behind the BFVS. There are four OVS buildings. Some have better views of the ocean than others.

    You can always make a request, but there is no guarantee of getting a particular building, room, floor, etc. Having said that, we usually request a third floor room to get a better view. We have always gotten a third floor.

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    thanks everyone for the help! i am so excited to be going to paradise!!

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