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    Default Any good cliff cafe's besides Rick's?

    Hi everyone,
    We will be visiting CN March 6-13 and are really looking forward to it.

    I know everyone knows about Rick's Cafe and a lot of people go there... we are considering going there for an evening. I was wondering though, are there any other similar places you can go have a drink, watch the sunset that are not as touristy?

    Rick's looks nice; but I've heard some of the appeal is lost because it is so popular. Maybe it's popular for a reason, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any other experiences besides Rick's.

    Thanks in advance for the advice! Can't wait for Jamaica


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    I think its pretty safe to say that Rick's and Margueritaville are the very definition of "touristy" at Negril. Having said that, everything in Negril is built around tourism... everything.

    I understand, though, that lately, SweptAway has been offering a bus ride to a sunset bar, most recently to The Sands, a bar/restaurant at The Caves resort located just north of the lighthouse. Perhaps CN does the same. There are lots of other places along The Cliffs for enjoying the sunset and knocking back a few. For a good overview of cafes, restaurants, bars, resorts, etc. along the Negril Strip and West End, try the maps found at, TripAdvisor and TOTT's websites. No visitor to the Negril area should leave home without these maps!

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    push cart which used to be pirates cove is a cool place to grab a drink. as far as ricks if you never been go for one drink at sunset and that will sum it up and you can tell your friends you were there .. Note there are so many cooler places then rick and margarittaville poke around do soem research and depending on what you are looking for you will find plenty of places that are a lil more local in feel

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    3 Dives!!! Love that place!

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    I second 3-Dives. It is a great non touristy place that sometimes has a Bonfire on Cliff. Great chance to intermingle with Negril regulars and some locals. Just remember service here will be quite different then Couples. No Problem Mon!! Soon Come!! As in plan to relax and enjoy!!

    MN YaMon

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