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    Default convenience stores?

    We are going to book the Atrium suites for our upcoming vacation. I have seen people post to bring a soft sided cooler to put beer, water, etc in, as the Atrium does not have a fridge. My question is, how far away from the resort is a place to buy these kinds of things? What kind of prices? Do they sell all different kinds of beer? Thanks

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    We had a garden suite, which doesn't have a fridge, either. However, we had a magical pitcher of water in our room that never ran out of ice despite the fact that I never saw any member of the staff refill it. It's been a couple years now, but I'm convinced that those ice cubes lasted all week!

    As far as other drinks, we carried in what we wanted to sip on during the brief moments we were there, but honestly didn't spend enough time in our room to ever worry about needing more to drink.

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    Across the road. They are really nice in that store.

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    There is a small market just across the road from CSA.
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    There is a convenience stores right across the street from the CSA Greathouse- they have everything and their prices are the same as any small store in the area.

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    There is a little store right across the street that sells pop, beer, liquor, snacks, toiletries. It was nice to give them a bit of business. They will quote you in Jamaican dollars but just ask them how much US dollars and they will let you know. You'll get Jamaican money back in change which is always cool. They lady we encountered while there was very nice. Have fun!!

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    There is one right across the street... or you can just go to the first property to the south of SweptAway. I know they have RedStripe there.

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