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    How do you know what the capacity of the resort will be before you arrive? Is there a place on the website to see? We are going in March and I was just wondering how full the resort will be.

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    Why would you need to know that??? It's not going to be listed on the website....there are just busier times of the year.

    Most of the resorts are laid out and set up so you would never feel it was crowded- don't worry about it.

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    March is high season so expect it to be full capacity.Have fun!

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    This question was asked recently, and someone offered the idea of checking your dates on the various room categories on the Couples booking engine. The engine will tell you if a particular room category is fully booked or not.

    I question this, as I'm sure that blocks of rooms are "let out" for booking through travel agencies (especially those specializing in Couples). A better indicator might be to watch the Wednesday Couplicious Specials that Randymon posts every week. Those specials are designed to put butts in those rooms.

    Another way to see what occupancy might be like would be to check out the resort-specific "Meet up at..." MB postings. You'd be surprised at how few Couples clients are aware of this message board. If you see a lot of postings about your particular week, you could reasonably expect a pretty big crowd.

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