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    Default wedding questions

    We are getting married at CSA in april. Where can we get notorized copies of the required documents. Really don't want to give up origanals.

    divorce papers
    birth certificates

    I've been to different banks and UPS stores. The notaries all told me that they notarize one's signing of documents not the documents themselves. Does anyone have any ideas on where to go
    to get these documents notarized?

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    Default Documents

    They state in the documents that the notaries can attach their attestion!

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    We are getting married in May and I have yet to send in the required paperwork. I thought I just make a copy of our passports and birth certficates and have those notirized? Is that not right?

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    Not sure why you're concerned about notarizing, unless you live some distance from the county seat in which these documents were originally filed.

    Best to contact the county clerk and ask for copies with a raised seal. I've always been told these are the next best thing. You'll probably need to pay for this.

    One other thing (in light of the documents you've listed)... be sure that the name on your airline ticket matches the name on your passport!

    Good luck...

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    Problem being, notaries verify ones signature. We did go to our local goverment office and they made copies of the orignals, we printed our names and then signed them in front of him. (this service was free for us)
    I was trying to save about $100 for raised seal copies. We did talk to our stateside planner and she said what we did should be good. I still have just enough time to get the orignals if wee need them. Thanks to all, for the feedback. Snow bound in Mi CSA Beach sounds GREAT!!!!!

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