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    Default Deluxe Oceanfront at CN - Anyone stayed in this room category?

    We booked a Deluxe Oceanfront at CN for our April trip. I have read so many posts and websites that I am getting the info confused in my mind.

    1) Do these rooms have minibars?
    2) Do they have televisions?
    3) How far will we be from the beach?
    4) Will we be able to see the ocean from our room?
    5) Is there a particular building we should request upon check in that would put us closer to the beach?

    Thanks for the assistance of your experience for all those CN visitors that can help me out!

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    1) - Yes
    2) - Yes
    3) - Less than a 1 minute walk
    4) - Yes
    5) - All buildings are very close to the beach. You can't get a bad building.
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    You've booked an "ocean" room, not "ocean view." You might have a partial view, but it's not guaranteed.

    All rooms at CN have televisions and small refrigerators.

    Most ocean rooms are in Buildings 7 and 8. Look at the panoramic view. To the right are four buildings arranged in a horseshoe shape. Buildings 7 and 8 are the furthest from the beach. The other two buildings (Buildings 6 and 9) primarily contain beachfront rooms and suites.
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    Default Deluxe Beachfront - Typed in the wrong thing

    Okay...I am a dunce. I should have said that we booked a "Deluxe Beachfront". Maybe I should post the question again.

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