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    Default Couples Sans Souci - aerobics

    Was wondering what the gym facilities and aerobics classes are like?
    Am looking forward to doing some sport every day and therefore being able to eat and drink what ever I like !!!!
    We will be there from the 23rd of February until the 10th of March - anyone one else be there at this time?
    We are a couple in our thirties with three children; British of origine but living in France now....
    Thank you for your replies xxxxx

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    The gym equipment appeared to be in good shape, though we didn't use it on either visit. We both are big on aerobics and enjoyed doing step and yoga in their workout pavillion. It overlooks the ocean and has mirrors on the opposing wall so everywhere you look you see ocean. Fabian is the resident aerobics instructor and will give you a great workout! He does a good interval workout, mixing between cardio and strength training, to allow for the adjustment to the tropical environment. We're from Oklahoma in the US but still need to adapt to the heat and humidity.

    Have a great trip!

    Bart & Bug

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