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    Default New to Jamaica and CSA

    My fiance and I have booked a honeymoon to CSA for the first week in June. Neither have ever been to Jamaica or CSA. I have researched many different places and found CSA met our wants and needs the most. Any useful tips for 1st timers. We are so excited and want our special time to be a memorable one. Also, I am thinking about doing the private dinner on the beach. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    1) check the CSA FAQ
    2) pour beverage of choice and peruse the MB board many of the tidbits you see will be sprinkled through out plus much more. Feel free to leverage the search such as "Private dinner" or " cat cruise"
    3) make sure you read the attire FQA at least 4 times
    4)As far as tips what is fun for you is not for otheres hence the asking for tips without any guidelines is not going to be as useful ...
    people who ask " what places has live reggea on the beach " will give you
    better precision then
    "does negril offer music i may like ? ....

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    Default Advice on Jamaica in general

    I have not stayed at Couples, so I cannot offer advice on the resort itself. Our first visit to CN will be on 4/18. However, I have been to Negril four times, so I can offer advice there:

    1) Be prepared for the poverty in Jamaica. Tourism is the biggest business there. Many people live in deep poverty, the sight of which can be hard for some.
    2) Know that you will be approached to buy items at the airport or possibly if you are walking down the beach. A simple "I'm good, no thank you" is best. A comment like, "Maybe later" is not best, because they will remember and ask you again later. Be respectful of the many Jamaicans who are trying to make a living.
    3)Take bug spray. Beware of sand fleas around sunset in the sand at the beach. Be careful not to dig your feet around in the sand especially around that time of day. I have only had an issue with the sand fleas once. It was when I absent-mindedly sat there and played in the sand with me toes at that time of days. You may see people with numerous big red bug bites on their legs. That's sand fleas. Not a problem normally, if you are aware.
    4)Take sunscreen. The sun is much stronger in Jamaica and will BURN you, especially if you are fair-skinned.
    5)Try to remember the names of the staff members and call them by name. They will remember your name. Return the favor. It will prove to be much more fun!
    6)Understand that you are not in the U.S. Things are different, so you will have more fun, if you do not expect everything to be just as it is at home. Enjoy the difference!
    7) You are in for a treat. Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit. It can be a spiritual experience for some, since it can bring the realization that material things are not important for happiness. The Jamaicans have a wonderful spirit and attitude about life. There is so much to be learned from their culture and their attitudes toward their fellow human beings.

    Have a wonderful honeymoon!

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    You are going to love CSA. Make sure to check out the Martini Bar above the Palms in the evening. Also, walk across the street to the sports facility. Take some free tennis lessons....they will kick your butt! Make sure to use the green flag service at least once while you are there. Take a nice walk at night around the property. It's very romantic. Enjoy!

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    We are actually going to CSA for the first time as well for our honeymoon June 9-16! I have been reading a lot on the message boards and we are both quite excited to go. I think we will probably also look into some excursions, possibly to appleton rum and the falls. Our room is a Great House Verandah Suite and I hope we love it. We are definitely open to any suggestions too!

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    (You are in for a treat. Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit. It can be a spiritual experience for some, since it can bring the realization that material things are not important for happiness. The Jamaicans have a wonderful spirit and attitude about life. There is so much to be learned from their culture and their attitudes toward their fellow human beings.)
    Gingerlady nailed for us with her comment about the Jamaican people. It's one of the main reasons we are heading back "home" for our 8th trip.

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    We'll be staying at CSA for our first trip to Jamaica as well in April. I can't tell you how much information I've gotten off of (A) these message boards (B) reviews from the Trip Advisor website (see link below). I actually feel like I've already been several times based on all the tips and hints I've read over the last few weeks. I spent about an hour the other night just reading reviews and picking up tips. Good luck!!!

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    I think the best advice I can give is that while those not affiliated with Couples can have questionable motives, be confident that no one on the resort (or the airport lounge) is trying to extort you or scam you. I'm not sure if I'm overly cautious because of our scam-laden society, but I was really on guard when we arrived in Montego Bay. I was leary of letting anyone touch our bags, or offer us anything. After about a day, however, I quickly realized that the Couples staff is honest, kind, and trustworthy. Leave your cares at home, and let Couples take care of you.

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    Gingerlady, you are right on. Thank you for the wonderful and oh so appropriate thoughts on Jamaica and its wonderful people.

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    We went to CSA in early June last year and all I have to say is lucky you! You have made an excellent choice.

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    I agree with gingerlady, too.

    You are going to see quite a dichotomy during your stay at Couples, whether it be at SweptAway or Couples Negril, or the resorts at OchoRios. You will swing from being waited on like royalty by very dedicated members of SweptAway staff, to exposure to the sometimes harsh realities of Jamaican day-to-day life. Pay attention to this, and learn... appreciate the implications, and you'll very quickly develop a profound respect and love of the Jamaican people.

    Leave your attitude at the departure gate of your home airport. In a few hours you will be experiencing a completely different pace. Deal with it correctly, and you're in for a treat! Expect your regular fast pace of life, and disappointment may be a lasting memory of your Jamaican vacation. Let the phrase "Soon Come" be your watchword, and you'll have a great time.

    It may be a bit difficult at first, but work extra hard to tune your ear to the Jamaican dialect. You will find that they slip quite easily between the rapid fire Patois engaged in between Jamaicans to a more formal and understandable King's English (with a delightful island accent) that is used when dealing with visitors; if you have a difficult time understanding, ask. They'll be delighted to engage with you. I so enjoy the welcome home from the gate agent prior to deplaning. The sound of that Jamaican accent tells me we are home!

    We will be at SweptAway the last week of May, returning the day before Memorial Day. We'll make sure the coffee's hot, and that there is plenty of rum left for you.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thanks so much for all the insights into Jamaica! We are heading to San Souci for our first visit ever to Jamaica and this really helps!

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    Gingerlady...your words are eloquent and spot on!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    A few suggestions, fwiw and from our perspective:
    ~ Pack light!!! Lots of bathing suits and cover ups, appropriate attire for dinner, flip flops (I have fancy ones for the those are the only shoes I bring, except shoes to workout in), and lots of sunscreen!
    ~ If you enjoy music, burn some cd's to play in your room. Then before you leave give them to some of the staff that you meet and become friends with.
    ~ Do the catamaran...its lots of fun and another great way to meet people. Be careful of their rum punch...its quite yummy and will sneak up on you.
    ~ If you want to meet new people, spend some time on the Meet Up at Couples Board. Its so much fun to finally meet the people you've been chatting with the months before the trip. And, if you want to just focus on your spouse, its easy to let everyone around you melt away and just melt into them.
    ~ The Lychee Martini is delicious!!!! And the bartenders at the martini bar are great!
    ~ Take walks around the property. Enjoy the foliage, flowers, smells, and sounds. Venture down the beach for walks too. My senses are always tickled in Jamaica.

    Whatever you do, it will be special....its your honeymoon!!! Enjoy!

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    Default Thanks for the info!!

    Thanks to everybody who answered my questions re: Jamaica and CSA. My fiance and I are also interested in horseback riding on the beach. Any suggestions on where and how we can do this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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