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    Default CSA -Few Silly Questions - Shade, Food etc

    Hi family to be haha.

    We (I've probably said this 100 times so apologies) are lucky enough to be booked in to CSA FOR 4 nights in April before to go another resort, and we have a ocean view verandah room. Cannot wait.

    But - I burn easy and so often spend time in sun and then shade etc during day - I realise people say there are not endless numbers of palapas (are these umbrellas) - but if we don't get up for breakfast to say 9am - will it be too late for us mid april to get one of these do you think? If so - what about tress shade = will we be ok to move our loungers in and out of the sun/shade? That will be fine if can.

    Also want a really remoantic time (which I know couples will do) but its my Husbands birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary so is there 1 or 2 things you would suggest that really make the experience "once in a lifetime" type of thing - maybe special dinner, or champagne witha a view somewhere......

    Whhere should we not miss for breakfast, for lunch and fo dinner? Maybe we should try them all? Do you eat lunch on the beach on your loungers?

    Final question - can I get sparkling wine drinks on the beach? My faviourite!!

    Thanks for your help and can't wait to experience what you all rave about - must be special!

    Claire x

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    We were there in September last year - the resort wasn't too crowded then, but the palapas were pretty much spoken for early on.

    No problems, there are plenty of palm trees for shade, and plenty of chairs. We just moved two into a shady spot along the beach (and by move, I mean maybe 10 feet at most), and stayed there. The trick is to remember to move the chairs every hour or two, as my sunburnt ankle will attest!

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    palapas seem top be booked after 9 pm till 3 am adjust sleep pattern accordingly

    tree will provide shade
    special- arrange to have the bar deliver a bottle of champaign in an ice bucket with 2 glasses at approx 30 minute before sunset - you can google negril sunset times for your dates
    - open bottle
    - pour glass
    - walk the beach sip watch sunset in silence
    - sit on the sand repour contiinue to watch the negril sunset
    - bask in the afterglow of the purple hues and the warm of the champaign in your system... simple but sums up negril

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    you can book a private dinner on the beach for somewhere in the neighborhood of $150. We did it on our honeymoon and it was wonderful and amazingly romantic.

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    Claire I'm sorry to say that just because the room is named ocean verandah suite you will not have a perfectly clear view of the ocean. This class room is in the second row of buildings back from the beach. The ocean front verandahs are beachfront. This is especially true if you end up with room 3210 on the second floor like we did. This didn't make much difference to us because we were only in the room to shower, change and sleep. Our friends also had a second floor ocean verandah suite in the building closest to the great house and they didn't have a decent view of the ocean either. My advise is to try all the restaurants so book the reservations required ones as soon as you get there if possible. In the morning if you want to be waited on go to Patois and have a breakfast pizza and some banana stuffed french toast...MMMMM. If you're a carb person you'll be in heaven. I'd suggest that you spend your day near the Seagrape Hut & Water Sports shack. The lunches at Seagrapes are awesome, tasty and different than anything you've ever had. Gotta have the sweet potato chips and dip. You'll also be a stones throw from the Palms buffet so you can grab a bite there too quickly. Wow I'm getting hungry. Well enjoy your time in paradise because we did.
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    There's lot of shade on the beach and you can move your loungers where ever you'd like for them to be, so no problem. There is also some shaded area around the pool if you decided to lay out there as well.

    I loved breakfast at Patois Patio. It's a la carte and yummy! Breakfast at the Palms is a buffet and is just ok.

    Don't miss Seagrape for lunch. But, try them all if you can! Sometimes you may want to just grab a burger or something, and the grill is perfect for that. If you want to eat on the beach in your lounger, you'd probably need to get food from the grill and take it down there. But... I guess if you really wanted to you could get food from Seagrape and do that as well?

    Not sure about the sparkling wine question....

    As for the birthday and anniversary celebration.... I'd suggest an hour long couples massage during the day (make sure you scrub off the oils really well if you do it before getting in the sun -- it will make you more sensitive to the sun -- learned from experience!) I know a lot of people have done the private dinner for 2 on the beach. That's something you may want to look into. I believe there are romance packages somewhere on the website here that offer different add ons that you can purchase. Make sure you let the staff know about the birthday and anniversary. They will make it special for you as well I'm sure.

    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    wow - steveandlinda - that sounds like a plan - have been advised to avoid beach at sunset etc to avoid midges - but have to do it at least once!!!!!!!

    jagorham - thats what I thought - seems no problem to me - I always spend my life moving the lounger to either face the sun or get out of it haha.

    Cannot wait is an understatement!


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    Hi Steveg - I always end up typing ocean view! Its in my mind but I realise its likley we won't have an amazing sea view - just keeping fingers crossed!

    Ohh the food is making me hungry too! Sounds ideal.

    Melea - thanks so much - I am going to look on here and see if I can fnd these extras you can pay for - we have to do the private dinner thing sound lovely!

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    I know this is a fine point... but when I see folks talking about the palapas lately (long story)... often times people speak of "booking" a palapa, or saying something about the palapas being "booked" by, say, nine o'clock. The fact of the matter is that the palapas are "first come, first served"... or to put an even finer point on it... "he who snoozes loses". You can't "book" one.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    The fact of the matter is that the palapas are "first come, first served"... or to put an even finer point on it... "he who snoozes loses". You can't "book" one.
    But you CAN book that statement. Good job keeping it real, Chris.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    haha Chris - too true! Its the same everywhere - We were always lucky when went to Mauritius as were enough for all guests - and the beach bar guy always saw my husband coming and took the towel of him to put on the best one available and we wet for breakfast - but that can't be the case when there are more guests than palapas - so worst case is we use the tree shade - ohh no - how terrible - we will have to sit sipping chilled cocktails listening to the relaxing beach/sea vibe with the tree leaves blowing gently in the wind haha - can't wait!

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