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    Default CSS April 29-May 5


    We are first timers to CSS and looking for others that will be there around that time. Coming to celebrate my husband's birthday.

    We are looking forward to trying the a/n beach. Just a little nervous; but think it will be relaxing once I just do it. :-)

    Carol and Alan

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    jessi and I will be there starting May 2nd. We spend all our time on the AN beach. You will love it. Make sure and try it on the first day. Don't wait until the end or you will regret not doing it earlier if you love it. We will see you there!

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    Hi Carol & Alan !

    My husband and I will be there April 29th - May 2nd ... First time to Jamaica .. and first time to AN beach as well .. (Still Haven't decided yet if we will make it to that section or not haha!) Its going to be a quick trip to jamaica .. including a couple off-resort excursions ...already wishing we had booked a WHOLE WEEK! Since its just a few days for us .. we Figured best way to make friends is to Start now on Message Boards!

    Robin & Jeff

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    Hi Robin,

    I just sent you a note. You are making a quick trip. Hey, better than nothing. I have been to Jamaica before but its been about 15 years. We have not been to A/N Beach either. We'll see. Everyone says to try it.

    We are looking forward to relaxing and getting away from the rat race.


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