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    Default Party after wedding???

    We are getting married on Thursday at CSA. What type of nightlife will they provide for us and our 2 guests to enjoy after we get married? Will there be a club with dancing or anything like that??

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    Congratulations! There is plenty of night life at CSA. I was married on Sat. Nov 7, 09 and we stayed the whole week with 7 other couples. They have Ultimate Chocolate, playing the piano and everyone can sing along I think that starts at 9:00 upstairs in the "club". At 10:00 the club opens and they play different types of music every night and have a great dance floor. Usually at the Palms, there is a live band that starts at 9:00 as well as a great dance floor, and I think there was one every night when we were there. On Friday it's a beach party, don't miss it. Lots of FOOD and entertainment. Hope that helps.

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