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    Default "WELCOME HOME" That 1 Special Person From Couples

    OK this is a new thread being started for that one special employee that made your trip and stay at any couples a splendid time...not the same as Shout Outs OK a special person from couples.......there has to be 1 and here is the place you can post their picture.So to all of you out there coming and going "WELCOME HOME"...........from John & Nancy Germantown, Wisconsin

    This is from our Anniversary night at the Lemongrass Restaurant where we had our 19th Anniversary.Our most memorable person is the Pastry Chef from CSA.He brought our special cake from one side of CSA all thew way to the other and for that we Thank-Him for making our night so special

    Thank-you John & Nancy

    Pic #1 Our 19Th Anniversary Special Cake

    Pic #2 Nancy With The CSA Pastry Chef

    Pic #3 Both Of Us With CSA Pastry Chef
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    we can't do "one" special person from CSA as there are actually "two" employees who keep us coming back year after year. We first met Christopher when he was working in the watersports hut and even though he now works in Scuba and we don't dive, we try to visit with him as much as we can while we are there. Cean was working at the Palms during our first visit to CSA and made us feel so special. She is now at Feathers and is such a dear friend. We look forward to each return to CSA so that we can spend time with both of them!

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    We really loved Sylvia, a dinner time waitress at SeaGrapes at CSA. It's been 4 years since we were there so I don't know if she is still there or not. I really regret not getting a photo with her. We still talk about her sometimes! We are going back for our honeymoon in a month and I really hope we can find her. She probably doesn't remember us but it would be neat to find her.

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